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About Alex

I have just graduated from doing a very interesting degree in Marine Biology! So I love the ocean and everything in it! this is reflected in my free time hobbies of scuba diving and whale watching. Therefore I really enjoy biology and maths and also am very confident in English as being a research scientist I have to write a lot of papers and reports. I did really well in my GCSEs when I was your age so I have lots of really good tips and tricks on how to revise well and how to scoop up all of the marks of the exams papers. I think I would be able to help you in your learning as I am very understanding of different peoples learning techniques, for example, if you like lots of questions and practice practice practice we can go over many past papers until you are 100% confident, or if you prefer an in depth explanation of how to answer questions we can work together on making some amazing revision notes.

Tutoring Experience
I would be a good tutor because I have lots of experience working with kids and adapting my teaching style to suit different needs and abilities.

Lesson Planning
I would always do an assessment in the first lesson to see where the student is up to and figure out their learning style, it is important to find out what each student wants to focus on, listen to them and see what areas they want to build their confidence in.

Exam Board Experience
Aqa Edexcel and OCR


English Language Key Stage 3 GCSE
Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE
Combined Science GCSE
Physics GCSE
Geography Key Stage 3 GCSE
Physical Education (PE) GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Liverpool Marine biology 1st Class
A-Level Nelson and Colne college Chemistry C
A-Level Nelson and Colne college Spanish B
A-Level Nelson and Colne college Biology B
GCSE Unity college Spanish A*
GCSE Unity college Pe A
GCSE Unity college English A*
GCSE Unity college Geography A*
GCSE Unity college Science A*
GCSE Unity college Maths A*


Maths (Key Stage 3) £15
English Language (Key Stage 3) £15
Geography (Key Stage 3) £15
Biology (Key Stage 3) £15
Geography (GCSE) £20
Physical Education (PE) (GCSE) £20
Maths (GCSE) £20
Combined Science (GCSE) £20
English Language (GCSE) £20
Physics (GCSE) £20
Biology (GCSE) £20
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