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About Hannah

In my second year at the University of Bath, I am studying for a Master's degree in Physics. Maths and physics are where my expertise lie, confident at both GCSE and A Level stages.

Tutoring Experience
My previous experience extends to GCSE Maths and Double Science and A Level Maths and Physics. I feel comfortable with the content, and enjoy helping others to push themselves to exceed expectations.

Lesson Planning
For a 1 hour lesson, i will spend a further hour to plan and prepare for my lessons. I begin with a casual catch-up, going over the criteria or problem areas the students wish to focus on. My lessons comprise of two halves: the first, showing a student a PEQ and how I would approach the question and discussing the mark allocation. The second half would be allowing the student to take the lead on a different previous exam question, talking me through their thinking and attempting the question. Next, we would consider the lessons learnt, and create a small summary; I find these useful for the students as a reminder for revision.

Exam Board Experience
I have experience with AQA (all of my GCSEs were AQA, as were my Physics and Chemistry A Levels) and Edexcel (for my own A Level Maths and Further Maths).

Student Success Stories
My first tutoring job was during my A Levels, I helped the GCSE students in the years below me. A particular success story would be helping a girl exceed her predicted grade by 2 levels (she was predicted a 4, and achieved a 6) and also supporting a student through A Level Maths, so he could apply to his dream university.


Maths Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Further Maths GCSE A-Level
Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Combined Science Key Stage 3 GCSE
Physics Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Lutterworth College Chemistry B
A-Level Lutterworth College Further Maths B
A-Level Lutterworth College Maths A*
A-Level Lutterworth College Physics A
GCSE Lutterworth High School Further Maths A
GCSE Lutterworth High School Physics A
GCSE Lutterworth High School English Language 9
GCSE Lutterworth High School Chemistry A*
GCSE Lutterworth High School Maths 9


Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £12
Combined Science (Key Stage 3) £13
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £13
Maths (Key Stage 3) £13
Physics (Key Stage 3) £13
Combined Science (GCSE) £17
Further Maths (GCSE) £17
Maths (GCSE) £17
Chemistry (GCSE) £17
Physics (GCSE) £17
Chemistry (A-Level) £23
Further Maths (A-Level) £23
Physics (A-Level) £23
Maths (A-Level) £23
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