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7 Top Ways to Boost Your Studying

25 June 2020 Quick Guides

Worrying if you are studying enough is one thing, but worrying if information is even going in, is another.

Here are 7 Top Tips for boosting your study time so you can ace your exams.

1 – Stay Hydrated

You definitely already know this, but drinking a good amount of fluids will help keep you concentrated and maintain your memory function, two really important assets for studying.

A Study by the University of East London showed that by drinking just 300ml of water, concentration levels can be boosted by 25%! How’s that for exam hacks?

How many times have you have been in a classroom and are just struggling to focus? It’s probably because you are dehydrated!

So the next time you sit down to memorise your course work for your GSCE Exam or A level Exam, keep a glass of water nearby.

2. Study in the Morning

Studies have shown that the brain is in peak form around two to three hours after waking up.

Therefore, information we take in earlier on in the day is more likely to be comprehended and understood better. This is due to the fact that you will be sub-consciously thinking about that information throughout the day.

But why else is studying in the morning a great tip?

Because you can get it out of the way! Getting your targeted two or three hours of studying done in the morning allows you to be free for the rest of the day.

Rise and Shine…… It’s Study Time!

3. Find a Tutor

Finding a qualified and experienced tutor can be a great way to improve your studying. A good tutor can put you miles ahead compared to your peers.

Studies have found that students who undertook lessons with private tutors were:

Tutors are great because they work around your individual needs and focus sessions on your areas of weakness. This will bring you up to speed with your peers and can even push you beyond your known potential.

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4. Get Good Sleep

Okay you’ve heard it before. Getting enough sleep is vital for your learning. But are you actually getting good sleep?

A Study by the Sleep Foundation takes an in-depth look into how good sleep can be achieved.

We know what some students are like; up late on their phones, taking afternoon naps, watching Netflix in bed and even a couple late-night snacks. All of which go against getting a good night’s sleep.

To unwind properly and make sure your mind is empowered for each day, our advice is:

By following these tips you are sure to get good sleep and be much more alert and focused for when the time comes to study.

5. Listen to Music

Although some people might find it distracting, music is proven to boost concentration.


We don’t mean blaring AC/DC or Calvin Harris at full volume when you are doing Pythagoras theorem.


We do mean listening to ambient instrumental tracks on a low volume to filter out background noise and help you stay relaxed.

Tracks like this and this will help you remain focused by keeping pre-exam stress levels down, allowing you to relax and retain much more information.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Do you know how long the average teenagers attention span is?

35 minutes.

Don’t believe it? Click here.

For teenage students, it can be difficult to remain focused for hours on end and this is a problem when it comes to studying for exams.

Taking regular 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes can help you concentrate much more and develop more effective studying.

7. Stay Active

Exercise doesn’t just benefit the body and increase your fitness. It also boosts exam results.

A Study on the correlation between Physical Activity and Academic Performance found that students who partook in frequent physical activity were more likely to perform better in their exams.

It found that physical activity improves cognitive ability but those who took part in more arduous and intense forms of exercise benefitted the most.

This doesn’t mean you need to start your marathon training along side studying for your GCSE or A Level Exams. However, if you don’t already have one, then dedicating yourself to a consistent exercise plan will put you in good stead.

Still needing help with your studies? Tutors will help you maximise your potential. Click here to browse through hundreds of qualified and experienced tutors.

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