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Make strides in your Chemistry revision and studies with the support of an online Chemistry tutor from Tutorspot. We carefully hand-select tutors from a range of scientific backgrounds to ensure a consistent, high-quality tutoring experience for all our students. To cater to a wide range of requirements, we like to ensure variety in our tutor selection. For those looking for tutors with a lot of experience in teaching, we have many tutors that are primarily teachers and lecturers. For those looking for industry experience, we have a number of working professionals from science backgrounds and for those looking for someone with recent exam knowledge and very reasonable rates, we have a number of carefully selected university students and recent graduates.

Regardless of their teaching background, each and every one of our online Chemistry tutors is passionate about helping each student to achieve their academic goals, whether that be securing a certain grade for a university offer or even to keep a consistent grade level for their GCSEs. Whatever your requirements, our professional tutors are here to support your individual studying needs, imparting their own knowledge, tips and tricks to help you succeed in your Chemistry exams. Browse our online Chemistry tutors below.

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Here are some of the top Chemistry tutors.

from /h
Responds in 2 weeks
95+ hours taught

Qualified teacher with 5 years experience teaching both key stage 3 and key stage 4 up to GCSE for all three sciences. I specialise in Chemistry

from /h
Responds in 8 hours
65+ hours taught

Qualified teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Secondary level Education. Speciality in AQA GCSE curriculum.

from /h
Responds in 15 hours
55+ hours taught

Not long out of the Scottish Exam system myself, I use this to guide and help me teach what is needed. I am someone who can find a different method to suit ones needs when learning mathematics.

from /h
Responds in 17 hours
165+ hours taught

KS2, KS2 Maths, KS3 GCSE Science and Maths and A level Physics and Maths and Further Maths tutor

from /h
Responds in 2 hours

I am a 1st year engineering student at top university in London, tutoring Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry for KS3, GCSE and A Level, as well as French. I am fully bilingual in French and English and have tutoring experience.

from /h
Responds in 12 hours

GCSE Maths and Science Tutor, as well as A level Maths and Chemistry Tutor. I have been tutoring for 3 years and provide high quality lessons tailored to each student. I offer help with revision and use different teaching approaches to each students' needs.

from /h
Responds in 1 day
40+ hours taught

Experienced Qualified Teacher and Examiner of Science offering Biology Chemistry and Physics lessons to GCSE level and Biology lessons to A-level.

from /h
Responds in 5 hours
285+ hours taught

Fully qualified science teacher with specialism in chemistry and experience teaching and tutoring all levels.

from /h
Responds in 11 hours
30+ hours taught

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Our online tutors offer Chemistry lessons for students ranging from secondary school to graduate level, so we can cater to a wide range of students, including KS3 Chemistry, GCSE Chemistry and A-Level Chemistry students. Additionally, our fantastic tutors are also able to provide online tutoring for a number of other subjects, including: GCSE Physics, A-Level Maths and A-Level English Language.

So, how can you book an online tutoring session? Use the search tool on our website to browse our tutors for your required subject and academic level. Communicate with your chosen tutor(s) using our direct messaging system to discuss their availability and then book and pay for any sessions via the Tutorspot website. Our system is designed with simplicity and ease in mind.

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