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Are Online Tutors as Good as Tutors Near Me?

7 July 2020 Interesting Information

The pandemic has inevitably caused school disruption across England and Wales. This means that the vital school years, Years 10 and 12 and behind on their journey towards achieving their desired exam grades.

But the unwritten law of social distancing creates hesitation when hiring a local tutor to help with this dictated absence. This leaves many parents looking at online options to help with their child’s education.

But the question always creeps in: are online tutors just as good as tutors near me? 

You may be surprised by the answer.


Online tutors are just as good as tutors near me. Now, it is obviously a different method of delivery, however, the fundamentals are the same. You will also have access to a wider list of tutors and be able to choose from some of the best tutors in the country.

Is the History teacher at a local academy in Bristol as good as a Cambridge educated history teacher?

This is a perfect example on how online tutors are better than local tutors, but not all.

Here are 4 Reasons why Online Tutors are just as good as, and sometimes better than local tutors.

1. Choice

By expanding your search for a tutor outside of your local area, you broaden your search and get a higher number of tutors. And with a higher number of tutors, you get a higher number of quality tutors.

But what makes a quality tutor? For one, experience.

Finding a qualified and experienced tutor can be a hard task sometimes. You need someone you can trust with your child’s education and when online it is harder to screen each individual tutor.

Here at Tutorspot this is exactly why we thoroughly screen all of our tutors to make sure you are getting the best of the best for your child.

To browse through Hundreds of Experienced and Quality tutors, click here.

2. Availability

If you’re searching for tutors in your location, there is a chance you might not find that the best tutors are available when you need one.

When it comes round to exam season, it can be hard to find a good Physics and Maths tutor or another GCSE or A Level Maths and Science tutor.

With online tutoring, you have more choice and therefore a better chance at finding your ideal tutor is available.

To browse through hundreds of experienced and qualified tutors and to book your first online tutoring session, click here.

3. Social Distancing

COVID-19 has shaken the world and changed everyday life. We have all become too aware of how close we stand to people out with our household and have subconsciously integrated social distancing into our lifestyles.

This means that when it comes to a tutor visiting your house, it is likely the majority are a bit apprehensive.

Even though we like to relax and give people the benefit of the doubt, we still can’t allow ourselves to be careless, so face to face tutoring isn’t a favourable option.

This has paved the way for online tutoring since all communication and lessons are handled through the screens of our computers.

With Tutorspot, booking online lessons has never been easier.

Begin your first session with an experienced and qualified tutor or teacher.

4. Price

Just as we mentioned in our 1st point; more tutors bring more quality tutors.

Everybody wants the best for a fair price. This means that since every tutor doesn’t charge the same amount, you have a better chance of getting a quality and experienced tutor that suits your budget.

With the infamous economic crash that came with the pandemic, many parents don’t have access to the financial resources they are used to. Combine this with the school disruption and tutoring services becomes an unseen expense for parents looking to progress their child’s education.

Here at Tutorspot we are aware of this and have put in place helpful solutions. Some of our tutors and teachers have reduced their rates down to £11p/hour for Tutors and £15p/hour for teachers.

If you are needing a tailored tutoring service, you can email

Alternatively, browse through hundreds of experienced and quality tutors.

Need a hand with your search?

We can help you find the perfect tutor. Give us a call!

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