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Catching Up On KS3 Science During & After Covid

26 May 2021 Interesting Information

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the flow of many aspects of society, including education for students at all levels. However, now it seems as if we are emerging out of the pandemic and normality is slowly being restored with vaccinations providing a far greater deal of protection for the UK population. In such a challenging time, your child’s key stage 3 (KS3) studies may have been compromised by schools being forced to close.

As a parent, you may have managed to fill the void to a certain extent as a substitute teacher at home, so to speak, but KS3 Science can be a difficult subject to teach and you may not have had the time, especially if you were or are working full or part time. Here, we provide an insight into how our KS3 Science tutors can provide your child with an invaluable resource to get them back on track with their studies and homework.

KS3 Science Tutor Support During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Of course, the pandemic is still ongoing and your child may yet face more obstacles, in terms of receiving the requisite KS3 Science lessons, but Tutorspot is here to ensure that those challenges are overcome. So, no matter how much education they have missed out on to this point or how many school lessons are missed in the future, we are here to provide qualified and highly intuitive tutors for in-person or online KS3 Science.

KS3 is an integral part of the educational ladder, giving children the skills and knowledge they need to prevail in GCSE assessments and in further education. At Tutorspot, we have almost 150 key stage 3 science tutors to choose from, each of which has been accepted as Tutorspot tutors having demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the subject, as well as KS3 curriculum. Our tutors, whether in-person or online tutors, come from a range of different educational backgrounds, including, but not limited to:

With so many in-person and online KS3 Science tutors to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find a suitable option for your child’s requirements. On each of our tutor’s profiles, you’ll find their hourly rate, the number of private tuition hours they’ve carried out so far and other key information, to help you make your decision. In addition, we also have our ‘send message’ feature, which invites you to start a conversation with our tutors before choosing the perfect tutor(s) for your learning requirements.

Ongoing Educational Support After The Pandemic

We are unsure as to when the Coronavirus pandemic will truly become a thing of the past, but one thing that you can be assured of is that Tutorspot has tutors that provide educational support at any level, pandemic or no pandemic. So, when complete normality is restored in society, you may still wish to provide your child with extra private Science tutoring, to ensure milestones are met throughout their entire educational journey. Whether that’s at KS3 level, GCSE level or A-Level.

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If you have built up a relationship with a Tutorspot tutor over the course of the pandemic, you may wish to extend their help post-Covid. Having a private tutor parallel to their school teacher can be a real advantage for children at KS3 level, as it gives them a greater breadth of knowledge and will make the step up to GCSE level seamless. Plus, the one on one element that is brought about by calling on a private tutor can have a real impact, as lessons can be tailored to suit the learning style of the individual.

Many students will be used to online learning after the pandemic and the vast majority of our tutors provide online tutoring across a range of subjects. If your child is going to be at GCSE level after the pandemic, you may wish to consider looking at GCSE Science tutors. For future reference, you can also check out what our A-Level Science tutors have to offer, in preparation for when they ace their GCSE exams!

KS3 Science Tutoring Online & In-Person

Unsurprisingly, online tutoring has become the norm for students of all ages over the last year or so and, as such, students and tutors alike have become used to enjoying these types of sessions. Online tutoring has evolved in recent years, with technology and the standard of tutoring allowing the lessons to become much more interactive and more in line with cognitive learning. But, that’s not to say that some students still find in-person tutoring a better way of learning.

Here at Tutorspot, all of our tutors state on their profile whether they provide in-person, online tutoring or both. What’s more, you can also use the filter function at the top of our web pages, which allows you to select whether you are looking for online or in-person tutors, the subject and the level of education. The Covid pandemic may have caused your child to fall behind in all of the sciences. If this is the case, you’ll want to search for KS3 Combined Science tutors, when conducting your search.

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However, If you know that your child is struggling with any science in particular, you can also check out our relevant biology, physics and chemistry pages, to find a tutor that specialises in delivering KS3 lessons in that particular science. Please follow the links below to see suitable tutors in each of the respective sciences.

Need Help Finding A KS3 Science Tutor? Get In Touch

We are always here to offer our support and advice, if you would like to talk to us about how to find the perfect tutor to help your child catch up on their KS3 science studies. Contact us today if you have any questions at all. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about any particular tutor featured on our website, why not message them directly and find out all you need to know?

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