Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tutoring

22 October 2020 Interesting Information

Tuition, whether online or in-person, can be hugely beneficial for students of all ages, levels and abilities. Whether studying Science at GCSE, A-Level Maths, A-Level Chemistry or anything else, having some additional support alongside what’s learned in the classroom can help keep students on track and in some cases, improve…

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Students Given An Extra 3 Weeks For 2021 Exams

15 October 2020 Interesting Information

Following on from the controversy of this year’s summer GCSE and A-Level results, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and its impact on the education sector, the Government has announced that students will be given an extra three weeks to prepare for the majority of their 2021 exams.…

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Our Top 10 Study Tips for GCSE Students

7 October 2020 Quick Guides, Interesting Information

During GCSEs, and other exam-based qualifications, a standardisation process needs to occur so students’ abilities can be effectively assessed from an objective standpoint. However, the processes for studying for these exams definitely don’t have to be standard and it’s important to recognise that each and every student studies best in…

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How to Progress Your Learning for GCSE Science

5 October 2020 Interesting Information

Your GCSEs are a busy time in your academic career. As the first set of qualifications you take at school that are recognised by your future employers, you need to make sure you stay focused and study hard to achieve your best results. GCSE Science is no exception to this,…

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Our Top 4 A-Level Study Tips

3 October 2020 Quick Guides

Everyone studies in different ways and what might work best for one person, may not work as well for another. That’s why trialling various techniques and utilising a range of resources is worthwhile especially during your A-Level revision and study time. In one of our recent articles on the difference…

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The Importance of Technology in Education

1 October 2020 Interesting Information

Technology has developed amazingly in recent years and is now an integral part of society, with many of us reliant on it in both our personal and professional lives. Almost every person you see will own a smartphone (and in most cases, a number of other devices) and each will…

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Why Hire A Maths Tutor?

29 September 2020 Interesting Information

Online tutoring is a valuable resource that can help to improve a student’s understanding of a subject. Furthermore, with the right professional tutor only a click away, they can help you to expand your knowledge and understanding, bettering your chances of achieving a certain grade for your GCSE Maths, Maths…

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Online Tutors: The Top Qualities To look Out For

27 September 2020 Quick Guides, Interesting Information

Are you in the process of looking for the best online tutor for you or your child? Do you know what to look for when searching for the ideal tutor? For many, finding the right academic tutor for your individual requirements can be tricky, especially when there are a host…

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A-Level Maths Compared To GCSE Maths: The Breakdown

24 September 2020 Quick Guides, Interesting Information

When the time comes for students to choose their A-Level courses, many of them choose the subjects that they have: a) achieved good grades in at GCSE, b) found interesting and enjoyed during GCSE study, or c) decided they want to take further at degree level and then carry on…

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How To Revise For GCSE Science

15 September 2020 Quick Guides

With expert help from our online tutors in any subject at GCSE level, the revision and study time doesn’t have to be stressful, confusing or mentally draining, as it sometimes can be. In some cases, many students find they need further help to get them over the finish line and…

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