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The Importance of Technology in Education

1 October 2020 Interesting Information

Technology has developed amazingly in recent years and is now an integral part of society, with many of us reliant on it in both our personal and professional lives. Almost every person you see will own a smartphone (and in most cases, a number of other devices) and each will be able to access the internet in just seconds at any given time. With these products being so readily available, technology providers are always working to deliver innovative solutions for day-to-day issues, as well as ways to simplify complex and monotonous tasks. Additionally to individual use, many businesses are incorporating more and more technology into their operations and we have seen it implemented into a variety of sectors, including education for many years.

Of course, there are innumerable benefits to the rise of technology: its incorporation into daily life makes us a lot more efficient and makes us less prone to mistakes. It can be argued that we are too dependent on technology, relying on it instead of using our brains. However, when used in conjunction with our daily lives, technology does nothing but allow us to excel – and the same applies in education.

The Development of Technology in Education

overhead projector

Without advancements of technology in education, we could still have classes huddled around an overhead projector, squinting to see the faint lines of a diagram on the wall from the sheets of acetate. From interactive whiteboards, to personal PCs and even online tuition in subjects such as GCSE Biology, GCSE Maths and A-Level Physics, the use of technology in education has become so important for the way that we teach and learn every day.

In 2020, technology has been vital for students to continue their studies whilst in lockdown and unable to attend classes as normal, as it gives them access to a wealth of information and resources at just the click of a button. We strongly believe that technology shouldn’t be taken for granted – especially after this year – which is why in this article, we are going to highlight the importance of technology in education and give credit where credit is due.

Easy Access of Information

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As we mentioned briefly earlier, technology enables students and teachers to easily access a wealth of information and resources, the majority of which are just a Google search away. Instead of being limited by the books and papers that are available at your school or local library, it is now possible to access publications from across the world, giving students more insight and understanding in their subjects.

Assisting Additional Learning Needs

student using ipad

Technology is also fantastic for students with additional learning needs. Whether this is giving assistance in lessons, allowing students to access a different and more interactive style of learning or allowing students to use a computer in their exams. Being able to provide these resources for students with additional learning needs has been hugely beneficial for many individuals across the globe.

Extra Curricular Activities

man using ipad to draw

For students looking to learn something outside of their curriculum, whether it be more advanced or perhaps a little bit niche, this is also possible with technology. The internet houses many online courses for students of all ages, levels and abilities to learn new skills and develop their interests. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, explore your interest in a specific subject or even learn how to cook a new recipe, for example, these resources are all available online. What’s more, a lot of these resources are free for consumption in your own time.

New Career Opportunities

person coding on a laptop

From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to engineering and programming, there are so many new career opportunities that have come about as a result of technological developments. To cater for this, there has been a mass development of courses to prepare students for careers in these various fields. Whether these courses have been included in your institution’s curriculum or if you choose to study them in your own time, the possibilities are endless. Also, if you’re unsure if any of these new career opportunities are for you, or even what types of job exist, you can use technology to research and find out more!

Creative Learning

interactive learning with an ipad

As each student is different, not everyone will find the regular classroom environment the most efficient way for them to learn. With technology, new ways of learning can be introduced, such as interactive games, slideshows, images, diagrams and videos. It can be beneficial for all students when teachers employ a range of learning techniques as this can keep brains switched on and engaged. For students with more traditional teachers, these creative learning methods can be accessed online outside of lessons.

Online Tuition Sessions

student in an online lesson

Online tuition is something that has been favoured by many students for a number of years. As exam season approaches each year, there is always a peak in those seeking online tuition for some additional support during this time. However during early 2020, online tuition became vital for the majority of students in almost every country, as social distancing measures required us all to stay at home. For many students, teachers and parents, there had to be a quick adjustment to online learning and whilst this was attempted by most schools across the UK, there are a number of students who fell behind as a result of the mismanagement of this unfortunate situation.

However, due to resources such as Tutorspot, all is not lost. We have a number of online tutors who are available to help students get up to speed and support them throughout the academic year. Our dedicated and professional tutors are passionate about helping students of all levels and abilities to achieve their academic goals, many of which are offering discounted rates at the moment to assist those affected by Covid-19. To find out more about this offer, please call us today on 01509 265623.

Book Your Online Tuition with Tutorspot

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To make the most of technology in your own or your child’s education, use Tutorspot today. We have a database of hundreds of tutors across the country who can provide online tutoring sessions in a range of subjects at various academic levels. Simply use our search tool, browse the profiles of the available tutors and communicate with your chosen tutor(s) via our direct messaging platforms to discuss availability and schedule your session(s). We have built our system to ensure the process is as simple and stress-free as possible, so you can then book and pay via our website also.

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