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About Adam

I have an MSc and BSc, in Astrophysics in which I have assisted my peers and the students in the years below throughout my academic career. I aim to provide a structured and methodical approaching to teaching the course content. Firstly, I will discuss the content with you in detail to understand the areas of strength and weaknesses that you may have so I can tailor the lessons appropriately. This is done with the intention of achieving the most from the lessons. Next, we will work through numerous problems that can test your knowledge, enabling you to improve and to be confident when in an exam situation. Finally, we can work through the course content before the exam deadline so that it is clear to you and that you have an in depth knowledge, which will enable you to achieve grades.

Tutoring Experience
I am a new tutoring, however, believe I will successful at this as the content is fresh in my mind. Moreover, I have spent a large portion of my life in an academic environment and so I know the qualities that make a successful tutor.

Lesson Planning
My lesson structure would be flexible from lesson to lesson depending on the needs of the individual. However, I do believe individual assessment is necessary so I would homework or tasks to be completed, which I can later grade and then we can discuss in detail at the following lesson.

Exam Board Experience
I am relatively familiar with exam boards from my own experience. One important factor is that exam boards will focus on key details when marking answer, so this would be something I hope to be able to teach you in order to give you the best possible chance of receiving high results.

Student Success Stories
Unfortunately, I have no previous students. However, I am keen to start teaching and improve my skillset. Despite not teaching student officially, I have explained difficult concepts to my peers and other university student when studying for exams and assignments.


Combined Science GCSE A-Level
Geography GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Masters University of St Andrews Astrophysics Pass
Bachelors Aberystwyth University Astrophysics 1st with Hons


In-Person Online
Combined Science (GCSE) £16.95 £16.95
Physics (GCSE) £16.95 £16.95
Maths (GCSE) £16.95 £16.95
Geography (GCSE) £16.95 £16.95
Maths (A-Level) £16.95 £16.95
Physics (A-Level) £16.95 £16.95
Combined Science (A-Level) £16.95 £16.95
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