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About Adem

I'm a graduate student currently performing independent research whilst looking for a permanent academic position. As research in my field is limited I decided to work in private tuition. This way I can keep the skills that I need for research sharp and students can benefit from the knowledge I have

Tutoring Experience
I'm a highly experienced tutor, with a PhD in Mathematical Physics who has instructed students of various different levels in both Maths and Physics. I have well over 500 hours tutoring both officially in terms of private work and obligations for completing my PhD thesis as a conservative estimate. Additionally, I worked in outreach both while doing my undergraduate and PhD where the goal was to try to get kids to study Maths and Physics at university. In this period I took part in a number of projects to both educate and entertain prospective students. Some of these activities included: visits to secondary schools, mentoring a group of A-level students working on a project, science fairs and open day events. During this time as part of my training, I was taught numerous techniques in communication and empirically tested methods of teaching successful i.e. I was taught what actually helps someone to learn better. As such I'm really good at explaining things since our job was to make Maths and Physics as entertaining as possible.

Lesson Planning
My whole philosophy has always been: keep it simple. I always start with the easiest possible problem and gradually increase the difficulty so that the students come out of their lessons as much better problem solvers. There are numerous techniques that I use from plenty of examples where I encourage the participation of students, to what I like to call "Test your understanding", these are questions that actually force students to think about the scientific content, as opposed to just being able to crunch numbers.

Exam Board Experience
I have tutored with just about every exam board imaginable: A-levels (Edexcel, OCR, AQA), PAT, MAT, 11+, 13+, degree programmes etc.

Student Success Stories
I have guided numerous students to their passing grades over the course of 6-7 years working in education. Most noticeably I managed to improve a student who was ranked as a U up to a B in mechanics just over a month and I got someone who was previously ranked as a D to pass an entrance exam with distinction in just under two months. All other students that I have taught have gone on to do even better with even more time and tutoring.


Maths Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Further Maths IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Biology A-Level
Chemistry A-Level
Physics Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate


Level School Subject Grade
Doctorate Queen Mary and Westfield College Mathematical Physics N/A
Masters University of London Physics 2.1
Bachelors Queen Mary and Westfield College Physics 1st


In-Person Online
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £44.71 £38.82
Maths (Key Stage 3) £44.71 £38.82
Physics (Key Stage 3) £44.71 £38.82
Physics (GCSE) £44.71 £44.71
Maths (GCSE) £44.71 £44.71
Maths (IB) £58.82 £52.94
Further Maths (IB) £58.82 £52.94
Physics (IB) £58.82 £52.94
Maths (A-Level) £58.82 £49.41
Chemistry (A-Level) £58.82 £52.94
Biology (A-Level) £58.82 £50.59
Physics (A-Level) £58.82 £50.59
Further Maths (A-Level) £58.82 £50.59
Maths (Pre U) £60 £56.47
Physics (Pre U) £60 £56.47
Further Maths (Pre U) £60 £52.94
Physics (Graduate) £74.12 £70
Further Maths (Graduate) £74.12 £70
Maths (Graduate) £74.12 £70
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