Profile Picture I am an English Literature undergraduate at university, a tutor with experience and a passion for teaching. I am committed to providing quality, encouraging tutoring for GCSE English, History and Biology, as well as A Level English.
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About Amaani

My priority when providing tutoring is to instil confidence in those who I tutor. I believe this to be the most essential factor to student success, alongside true understanding of content and exam technique. I pride myself on my patience and determination to aid my students in their successes. Setting objectives to achieve is a way to encourage learning and progress effectively. I have experience tutoring and teaching a variety of students ages between 11 and 16, and my previous job in a primary school has allowed me to develop experience with very young children too.

Tutoring Experience
I have tutored students aged 11 and 12 in primarily English, Maths, Chemistry and Biology for a year and received extremely positive feedback after providing regular updates and progress reports for the parents. Additionally I have held study sessions for GCSE history students, focusing on exam technique in general and more specifically on historical content. I have also tutored my brother for a number of years and seen significant progress.

Lesson Planning
I will prepare a lesson plan before each class. This will allow students to be aware of lesson objectives and what we will cover, and to assess how much was learned and achieved by the end of each session. I will track where students are feeling less confident and prioritise this to ensure that every topic covered is thoroughly understood, which will allow me to understand the most comfortable pace for individual students to learn at. Creating confidence and determination in my students is my priority, and I will use exam criteria to provide feedback when tackling exam questions.

Exam Board Experience
As a current student I have the advantage of having been assessed with the latest exam criteria for AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, and WJEC. In particular, having sat both AQA and Edexcel exams for my GCSEs and A Levels, I am very familiar with their marking styles and the difference in this compared to Eduqas for example. As an undergraduate in English I have covered many books studied at GCSE and A Level.

Student Success Stories
The students I tutored over the last couple of years have provided me with excellent feedback. In particular, a parent informed me that her daughter who struggled extremely with confidence had become significantly more self-assured in her work, which I witnessed myself during the year that I tutored her as she began answering questions with far more confidence in her answers. My brother also showed great progress, able to recall knowledge that he had actively learned.


English Language GCSE
English Literature Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE
History GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Other Rosebery School EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) A*
A-Level Rosebery School History B
A-Level Rosebery School English Literature A
A-Level Rosebery School Biology B
GCSE Rosebery School History 9
GCSE Rosebery School Media Studies A
GCSE Rosebery School Physics 6
GCSE Rosebery School Chemistry 7
GCSE Rosebery School Sociology A
GCSE Rosebery School English Literature 6
GCSE Rosebery School Biology 7
GCSE Rosebery School Spanish 6
GCSE Rosebery School English Language 8
GCSE Rosebery School Latin A*


Biology (Key Stage 3) £18
English Literature (Key Stage 3) £18
History (GCSE) £18
Biology (GCSE) £18
English Literature (GCSE) £18
English Language (GCSE) £18
English Literature (A-Level) £18
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