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About Amy

I tutor by helping with homework and assignments, as well as teaching the basics of literature where necessary. I can help improve spelling and grammar, reading level, and encourage a more sophisticated tone when writing.

Tutoring Experience
- A previous job, unrelated to tutoring, that involved working successfully and efficiently with children of all ages. - Providing literacy lessons to a foreign student at a secondary school. - Providing at-home tutoring for an A-Level student who did not take English but suffered with severe dyslexia. This involved helping them improve their literacy and going through homework assignments. In general, I am extremely patient and resourceful. I do my utmost to keep my sessions relaxed but productive, and to create a fun learning environment for my students.

Lesson Planning
Typical sessions involve: - Completing any outstanding homework, going through each part thoroughly and at the student's own pace and making sure everything is understood, giving advice and setting exercises according to the student's individual needs. - Reading set novels over a period of weeks at a time. This develops analytical skills and helps the student to notice particular techniques that can then be used to improve their own style. - Making English fun! My philosophy is that every student, regardless of ability, should be given the chance to be able to enjoy Literature.

Student Success Stories
- My A Level student went on to achieve B grades in every subject - My foreign student began our sessions two years behind in English but by the end of the academic year they were at the same level as their classmates



Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors Kingston University English Literature Pending
A-Level Rosebery School English Literature B


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English Language (Key Stage 3) £16 £14
English Literature (Key Stage 3) £16 £14
English Language (GCSE) £21 £19
English Literature (GCSE) £21 £19
English Literature (A-Level) £25 £23
English Language (A-Level) £25 £23
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