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About Andrea

Student at a Russel Group University. I thouroughly enjoy tutoring students and helping them prepare for their GCSEs and A Levels. I achieved grade 9 for my GCSE English Language and English Literature, and also A* for my A Level Engish Literautre, so I feel very confident to help students in their preparation for GCSE English Language and English Literature and also for A Level English Literature. I also acheived A* for my History GCSE and A for my A level History, so am very happy to help students for GCSE and A Level History as well. I am also very confident to help students for English and History Nat 4, Nat 5 and Highers. Please just send me a message and let me know what you want help with and I will reply and let you know my availability so we can get your lessons booked. Looking forward to hearing from you here on Tutorspot

Tutoring Experience
Previous experience at Kumon as a tutor in English and Maths. Also worked as a private tutor in GCSE History.

Lesson Planning
The lesson plan will vary with the needs of the individual student and will be dependent on what the student communicates they would like, but will primarily have an emphasis on exam, essay and revision technique with how to apply this to their syllabus.

Exam Board Experience
Very familiar with most English exam boards KS3-A Level, and have researched thoroughly Scottish exam boards.

Student Success Stories
Within a month, my previous GCSE student went up by 2 grades in History and is still improving.


English Language Key Stage 3 GCSE National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland)
English Literature GCSE A-Level National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland) Higher (Scotland)
Common Entrance - English Common Entrance
Eleven Plus - English Eleven Plus
History GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Frensham Heights School English Literature A*
A-Level Frensham Heights School History A
GCSE Cal thorpe Park School History A*
GCSE Calthorpe Park School English Language 9
GCSE Cal thorpe Park School English Literature 9


English Language (Key Stage 3) £15.50
History (GCSE) £15.50
English Language (GCSE) £15.50
English Literature (GCSE) £15.50
History (A-Level) £20
English Literature (A-Level) £20
Common Entrance - English (Common Entrance) £15.50
Eleven Plus - English (Eleven Plus) £15.50
English Literature (National 4 (Scotland)) £20
English Language (National 4 (Scotland)) £15.50
English Literature (National 5 (Scotland)) £20
English Language (National 5 (Scotland)) £15.50
English Literature (Higher (Scotland)) £20
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