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Salve! I have studied linguistics for over 15 years, and while I began my career tutoring undergraduates at Oxford, today I focus on engaging with younger students and bringing out the best in their abilities. I myself have a DPhil from Oxford University in Classics, my thesis discussing the cultural and religious significance of dreams in ancient Greece. Before that I completed my Master of Studies (Distinction), also at Oxford, specialising in areas including historiography, epigraphy, and Greek religion. And my academic career began at St. Andrews, where I received an MA (Hons) First Class in Ancient History.

Tutoring Experience
I have 5 years' experience as a full time tutor, including 2 years language teaching in China. To date I have taught over 2500 private, one-on-one tutorials online, to students from all over the world.

Lesson Planning
Ancient History: I tutor both Ancient History and Classical Civilisation at GCSE and A-Level, as well as offering undergraduate tutoring and essay preparation, including dissertation/thesis editing. I have a thorough knowledge of all the potential module choices, allowing you the freedom to pick and choose those that most pique your interest and suit your skillset, whether that be the Peloponnesian Wars, Alexander the Great, or perhaps even Roman Iconography. You require no previous experience to undertake these courses, only an enthusiasm to learn about some of the most important characters and events in history, guided by classic texts from Herodotus to Tacitus. Latin and Greek: For younger students at 13+, Greek and Latin are excellent subject choices for those who enjoy logic and problem solving. In fact, Maths is considered the best proof of your ability to excel, rather than French! I teach both Latin and Greek from scratch, and within two years can have your child prepared for entry at the UK’s top independent schools, either via the ISEB or specific entrance papers at Eton, Winchester and Westminster, including scholarship entry if they prove able. These subjects can provide an excellent route into the top secondary institutions in England, rewarding your hard work and attention to detail. I tutor Latin and Greek at GCSE for all students, whether they need extra preparation for their exams, are struggling with a particular feature of syntax, or require a full course to take them from beginner to A*. I have experience with all the major syllabuses, including OCR and CIE, and always endeavour to work at their pace. In my class there are no stupid questions, and we can take the time to cover all points in detail, instilling the confidence to tackle any exam question. English Language: My experience ranges from 13+ exam preparation, through GCSE up to A-Level, and beyond to Undergraduate level, where I advise on essay preparation and thesis writing. I work closely with students to improve their grammatical accuracy, use of vocabulary or ‘lexical range’, analytical toolsets, and argument structuring, enabling you to improve not only your English results, but also any of your humanities subjects. I am also a TEFL certified, highly experienced tutor in EFL and IELTS, who has completed over 2000 one-to-one tutorials with students from China, honing their speech skills and refining their grammar and colloquial usage. I always provide a holistic approach to language use, including advice on key preparation for life in Britain, such as the school and university systems, to enable pupils to settle in very quickly after arrival. Modern History: Whether you are undertaking the French Revolution, German Unification, World Wars 1 and 2, or the Cold War, I can guide you through the key moments of modern history and help bring the subject alive. I tutor at GCSE and A-Level across all the major syllabuses, including OCR, CIE, Edexcel, and WJEC. I also assist with EPQ projects and undergraduate theses, covering diverse historical topics from geo-politics in imperial Africa, through to the housing records in Oxford. I pride myself on working closely with the students at their pace, incorporating the modules that most interest them, and building confidence in those where they have struggled. I also put emphasis on the skill of building evidential arguments and interpreting historical data, so that students are better prepared to employ all their hard-revised knowledge in their exams, helping push them to the highest grades possible. While my specialism was ancient history, I have always taken a holistic approach to my historical investigations. Indeed, at St. Andrews, the benefits of the Scottish system allowed me to take modules in modern and mediaeval history alongside classics for my first two years. I also have firsthand experience of modern politics, having worked for the British Government for five years, which has helped shape my understanding of modern international relations, something which I always like to infuse into my classes to make them feel more relevant to young modern minds.

Exam Board Experience
ISEB and Common Entrance; UKI Set; 13+; Public School Entry (inc. Winchester, Eton and Westminster); GCSE (OCR, CIE, IGCSE, EDEXCEL, WJEC); A-Level (OCR, CIE, EDEXCEL, WJEC, AQA); EPQs; Oxbridge Entrance ; undergraduate thesis writing


English as a Foreign Language IELTS TEFL
Greek GCSE
Latin Key Stage 3 GCSE
Common Entrance - English Common Entrance
Common Entrance - Latin Common Entrance
Common Entrance - Classical Greek Common Entrance
Eleven Plus - Verbal Reasoning Eleven Plus
History GCSE A-Level
Oxbridge University Entrance University Entrance


Level School Subject Grade
Doctorate Oxford University Classics -
Masters Oxford University Ancient History Distinction
Bachelors St. Andrews University Ancient History 1st


English Language (Key Stage 3) £45
Latin (Key Stage 3) £45
English Language (GCSE) £45
Greek (GCSE) £45
History (GCSE) £45
Latin (GCSE) £45
English Language (A-Level) £45
History (A-Level) £45
Common Entrance - Classical Greek (Common Entrance) £45
Common Entrance - English (Common Entrance) £45
Common Entrance - Latin (Common Entrance) £45
Eleven Plus - Verbal Reasoning (Eleven Plus) £45
English as a Foreign Language (IELTS) £45
English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) £45
Oxbridge University Entrance (University Entrance) £45
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