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Currently I study a Masters in Medical Science degree called ‘Physician Associate Studies’ at The University of Sheffield. It’s a new role to the UK which enables people with science degrees to partake in and graduate medical school. Before this I did a Biomedical Science degree at The University of Sheffield, with particular interests in cancer and stem cell biology. I was awarded a 1st class for my dissertation which proposed a therapeutic for breast cancer metastases. At A Level I studied Geography, Biology and Chemistry and achieved A*BC respectively. I also achieved As in GCSE Maths, English Literature, Language and all three sciences. I am currently on a placement year, completing placements in GP, AnE, AMU, paediatrics, obs and gynae, psychiatry, cardiology, respiratory an surgical wards. During my first year completed modules in anatomy, physiology, immunology, public health, prescribing, cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, haematology, dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, urology, pharmacology, endocrinology and neurology. I have gained a particular interest in teaching after starting my masters degree. I find it extremely rewarding to help others who are currently doing biomed/biology, or even those who just want advice about starting university. I have spent my spare time getting to know and chat/teach the cohorts in the years below me. It was this that has sparked my passion for teaching and helping others learn. I am a firm believer that everybody can achieve their absolute best if they are able to figure out what learning style works best for them! I have also decided to extend my course to a masters rather than a post graduate diploma, as this enhances your prospects for teaching too! In my spare time I love to walk my two dogs in the country side where I live. I also like to go to the gym and go for a run (weather permitting of course).

Tutoring Experience
All my previous experience has been voluntary. I have done 1-1 anatomy teaching with some of my peers on my master course, providing revision material, example questions and information delivery in a style easy to follow (both of these students passed the module). I have also taken part in many group revision sessions which involved presenting a topic and providing mini assessments at the end (all of these students passed too). I have also been involved with younger cohorts of my masters course and coached them on how to get the most out of their learning / revision by providing different examples and techniques that work well for different people. I would love to become a paid tutor as I feel it would be a great foundation for me as, I aspire to teach university students along side my Physician Associate role, once I qualify.

Lesson Planning
Before: Pre-arrange a topic the student feels they would like to cover the most. Determine what the student/I would like to achieve from these sessions. During: Set learning objectives to cover, and revisit them at the end to see if any progress has been made. I will compose relevant revision flash cards on power point for the student to use in the future if wanted. After: Depending on the student, homework may sometimes be necessary to ensure/determine progress. Assessment: I would set small assessments after a couple of sessions to highlight any weak areas, and then at the end of our sessions to ensure these areas are now strengths. I feel that every student works differently, therefore there would be slight tailoring to the lessons/homework/assessments to match this.


Combined Science GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Masters University of Sheffield Physician Associate studies Pass
Bachelors University of Sheffield Biomedical Science 2:1 Hons
A-Level Penistone Grammar School Chemistry C
A-Level Penistone Grammar School Biology B
A-Level Penistone Grammar School Geography A*
GCSE Stocksbridge High School Maths A
GCSE Stocksbridge High School Chemistry A
GCSE Stocksbridge high school Biology A
GCSE Stocksbridge high school Physics A
GCSE Stocksbridge high school English A


In-Person Online
Biology (GCSE) £22 £18
Combined Science (GCSE) £22 £18
Biology (A-Level) £25 £22
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