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I have tutored at academy's and have also done some private tutoring on the side. I have a lot of experience and know how to tailor sessions to best match you. I am currently at Warwick university and specialise in biology, chemistry and maths up to Alevel.

Tutoring Experience
I have worked at an academy and have done private tutoring. I have experience with 11+ students all the way to Alevel.

Lesson Planning
The lesson will usually start with a quick recap mini test. The bulk of the lesson will be going over whatever material that is needed but in a way that will be tailored individually. The session typically ends with another mini test with a chance for questions and clarification


Maths Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
English Language Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE
English Literature Key Stage 3 GCSE
Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Combined Science Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Physics Key Stage 3 GCSE
Drama GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Townley grammar school Maths A
A-Level Townley Grammar School Chemistry A
A-Level Townley grammar school Biology A*
GCSE Townley grammar School Drama 9
GCSE Townley grammar school English literature 8
GCSE Townley grammar school English language 8
GCSE Townley grammar school Maths 7
GCSE Townley grammar school Physics 8
GCSE Townley Grammar school Chemistry 8
GCSE Townley grammar school Biology 8


Combined Science (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £15.30
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £15.30
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £15.30
Physics (Key Stage 3) £15.30
Combined Science (Key Stage 3) £15.30
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £15.30
English Literature (Key Stage 3) £15.30
Biology (Key Stage 3) £15.30
Maths (Key Stage 3) £15.30
English Language (Key Stage 3) £15.30
Drama (GCSE) £15.30
Physics (GCSE) £15.30
Combined Science (GCSE) £15.30
Chemistry (GCSE) £15.30
Biology (GCSE) £15.30
English Literature (GCSE) £15.30
English Language (GCSE) £15.30
Maths (GCSE) £15.30
Combined Science (A-Level) £15.30
Chemistry (A-Level) £15.30
Biology (A-Level) £15.30
Maths (A-Level) £15.30
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