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Debra-Elaine S

About Debra-Elaine

I am a passionate and thorough tutor in English language and literature at multiple levels. I achieve majority 1st class grades in my current studies and have great success in helping others do the same. I have tutored a number of adult learners at different levels, including college and university levels. All of which achieve no less than merits and up to distinction results. My strength in essay tutoring is teaching how to structure an essay, make it flow and be an enjoyable read. Over time, all my tutees have developed their own personal skills in more accurate grammar, writing skills and spelling abilities. They now help others around them in developing the same skills.

Tutoring Experience
I am a very friendly, positive and encouraging character and I approach all learners with the attitude that everyone has their own unique style and are perfectly capable - it's just the simple matter of finding that style and enhancing it. I have worked with people at all different levels and abilities and I am yet to meet someone who cannot achieve a keener eye to detail, if they just put the time and effort in. One of my greater achievements has been in the successful tutoring of a dyslexic adult learner, who now corrects the work of their colleagues upon request. As my ethos is based on the natural ability of the learner, my method is to take the current work they have, go through it step by step and help them identify the issues. In doing this, it isn't long until they are able to pick out their own points for improvement and develop their skills independently. I also place great value on creating work that the reader can enjoy as well as the writer - I believe the more pleasurable the read, the higher the mark.

Lesson Planning
I plan my lessons based around the needs and abilities of the tutee. We discuss the tutoring expectations and goals on the first session and plan accordingly, still leaving flexibility for how the sessions progress. In the case of GCSEs for example, we would work alongside the curriculum and examining body in order to ensure accurate and most efficient learning outcomes are met. In the case of essay writing we would work more closely with specific questions, materials, structuring etc. Lesson planing will be flexible but goal-oriented.

Student Success Stories
Past student reviews: Kirsty I strongly recommend Debra-Elaine, she has helped me throughout my 5 years of studying. I have learned a great deal and my progress throughout the years showed within my grades. Debra-Elaine was very friendly and committed to helping me reach my greatest potential, she will go that extra mile to ensure my work was to a high quality. I have just completed my honours with a 2.1 and I owe that to Debra-Elaine’s support and commitment to helping me throughout the years. Ricky Debra is one of the best tutors I’ve had. Debra has helped look through many of my assignment and without her I probably wouldn’t of received a degree. Debra has a gift in spotting mistake and structuring your sentence correctly, the terminology she uses are perfect and her ability to teach you is beyond this world. With Debra you’re not gaining just a tutor your gaining a personal tutor with intelligence, skill, honesty and creativity. I challenge you to forget my words above, try Debra in actions and see for yourself. Anna I highly recommend Debra as she has helped me a lot in identifying issues in my work and how best to improve on them. Her style of teaching is very effective and I’ve been able to use her techniques to improve in my own time as well. I feel much more confident in ways I never did before.


English Language Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level Pre U


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Greenwich BSc Sociology & Psychology Hons Estimated 2:1 or 1st
A-Level Croydon 6th Form College Social Science Merit & Distinction


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English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £21.20 £18
English Literature (Key Stage 3) £21.20 £18
English Language (Key Stage 3) £21.20 £18
English Literature (GCSE) £21.20 £18
English Language (GCSE) £21.20 £18
English Literature (A-Level) £25 £22
English Language (A-Level) £25 £22
English Language (Pre U) £28 £25
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