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Enrique Daniel I

About Enrique Daniel

Structural Engineer with more than 4 years of experience developing strategies to improve construction planning and control as well as adjustment parameters for cost analysis and structures design. An autonomous worker committed to providing high quality services. Knowledgeable in AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3D, Cype, Presto (management and budget components), Mathcad, Ram Elements, Microsoft Project. Over time I've had achievements in different fields such as either teaching assistant in two of the subjects considered more complex in the civil engineering undergraduate career, being part of an excellent team of professionals for the delivery of one of Paraguay's most iconic building, or taking the role of a structural designer for diverse types of arrangements in steel, RC or timber. Currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering at Imperial College thanks to a scholarship give by the Paraguayan Government for excellent students.

Tutoring Experience
Teaching Assistant of Static and Solid Mechanics at National University of Asuncion, FIUNA Responsibilities: •Showed students practical Static problems in order to engage with theoretical classes • Corrected the practice parts of exams following pre-established answer sheets • Motivated people to investigate about Materials Mechanics Achievements: •Due to the intense training, reached the maximum number of students approving the subject over the past 5 years • Wrote a book of theoretical and practical problems solved for the following groups

Lesson Planning
On the basis of the student's particular needs for modules or subjects that could represent an issue for their development. Normally I prepare different problems and solutions to be treated throughout the class and that could involve all of the theoretical concepts.

Exam Board Experience
I used to work with several organizations in Paraguay that were in charge of making the exams and taking the examinations to students.

Student Success Stories
I may say that with the experience I have acquired in the past I feel confident (and have proven previously) about the methodologies to achieve a higher academic progress. As a matter of fact, in my previous role as a GTA in Solid Mechanics, my class was the one with the highest passing percentage.


Further Maths GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Common Entrance - Maths Common Entrance
Common Entrance - Spanish Common Entrance
Maths GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
English as a Foreign Language TEFL
Physics GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Spanish GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate Adult


Level School Subject Grade
Masters Imperial College London General Structural Engineering A (expected)
Bachelors Universidad Nacional de Asuncion Civil Engineering A+


In-Person Online
Spanish (GCSE) £25 £20
Physics (GCSE) £25 £20
Further Maths (GCSE) £25 £20
Maths (GCSE) £25 £20
Spanish (IB) £25 £20
Physics (IB) £25 £20
Maths (IB) £25 £20
Further Maths (IB) £25 £20
Maths (A-Level) £25 £20
Further Maths (A-Level) £25 £20
Spanish (A-Level) £25 £20
Physics (A-Level) £25 £20
Maths (Pre U) £25 £20
Spanish (Pre U) £25 £20
Physics (Pre U) £25 £20
Further Maths (Pre U) £25 £20
Maths (Graduate) £25 £20
Physics (Graduate) £25 £20
Spanish (Graduate) £25 £20
Further Maths (Graduate) £25 £20
Common Entrance - Spanish (Common Entrance) £25 £20
Common Entrance - Maths (Common Entrance) £25 £20
English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) £25 £20
Spanish (Adult) £25 £20
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