Profile Picture Undergraduate Linguistics student tutoring in English at A-Level, GCSE, and SATs level for students of any academic ability
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About Freya

I create an positive learning environment that ensures my students are comfortable and ready to learn. I believe in a short and sweet structure towards learning that engages students with content that is tailored to each student.

Tutoring Experience
I have taught before in a teaching assistant capacity in the classroom at a primary school level for children of all educational needs, my tutoring of older students primarily occurring online. So far I have independently tutored one student at a GCSE level and seen massively positive results. As a university student who has been through exams recently in a pandemic, I am prepared to teach content and be empathetic towards tutees in their experience with missing school time.

Lesson Planning
I create tailored content for each tutee after a get-to-know call with them before lesson one. In this I sit with the tutee - and their parents if they feel inclined to be there - where we pick out where they feel they need to most help in learning. From there, I create five lesson blocks focusing on specific learning areas, communicating with the tutee at the end of each session to ensure we are on the correct track for them. I do not set homework, however will accept any drafted works or homework to look over before they hand it in at school.


English Literature GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors Lancaster University Linguistics Still Studying
A-Level St Mary's College English Language A*
A-Level St Mary's College Geography A
GCSE St Mary's College English Language 9
GCSE St Mary's College English Literature 9


English Language (Key Stage 3) £16
English Literature (GCSE) £16
English Language (GCSE) £16
English Literature (A-Level) £16
English Language (A-Level) £16
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