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Hassa Malika B

About Hassa Malika

I am an enthusiastic student currently in their final year studying Geography (BSc) at the prestigious University of Bristol. I have exceptional grades (A - A*) in both GCSE and A-Level subjects. I also have experience in private tutoring before, so I do know what I am doing. I am willing to help GCSE and A-level students with any difficulties that they have in either Maths or Chemistry so that they can exceed their target grades and get that A*/9 on their summer report card!

Tutoring Experience
I have up to 2 years of experience private tutoring. Not so much in Bristol, but in London I have given lessons to individual students, even my peers and also small group classes too. I have worked with a range of ages, from nursery to A-Level. But most of my experience is dedicated towards teaching GCSE Maths mostly and sometimes GCSE/ A-Level Chemistry.

Lesson Planning
Firstly I like to understand where the student is at; their current grade, their target grade, what difficulties they have in the subject, what theme they don’t like or understand and also their strongest areas. Secondly, I begin teaching the weakest areas. I first do this by giving a general theory of the theme, applying it to real world examples and then begin with easy exam-style questions to intermediate, but step-by-step allowing the student to take their time to grasp the concept and technique. I do this again and again with each area in the mathematical module, and I also like to set a few questions. Not so much as I understand they have other work to do, but around 5-10 questions ranging from easy to intermediate.


Geography GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Bristol Geography 2:1
A-Level Holland Park School, London Chemistry A
A-Level Holland Park School, London Geography A*
A-Level Holland Park School, London Mathematics A
GCSE Holland Park School Geography A*
GCSE Holland Park School, London Mathematics A
GCSE Holland Park School, London Science (Double) A


Geography (GCSE) £15.30
Chemistry (GCSE) £15.30
Maths (GCSE) £15.30
Chemistry (A-Level) £20
Maths (A-Level) £20
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