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I have a teaching style which is shaped to fit each individual student, I am a firm believer in adapting my teaching styles to meet individual needs and requests. I focus not only on the content of the geography course but also refining exam techniques to ensure students are using their time wisely within exam conditions. Being an NQT means I am full of fresh ideas out of university and I am putting these to the test each and every day in a school environment which keeps me fresh and up to date with the world of geography.

Tutoring Experience
I have currently never tutored before outside of the school environment but I have experience of leading small group sessions with GCSE geography students including coursework sessions. I teach two GCSE classes twice a week with varying abilities and as things stand they are making excellent progress.

Lesson Planning
My lessons will not have the same structure for every student as they will be tailored directly to what the students needs are. I will not set homework outside of the tutoring lessons as students also need time to breathe outside of the educational setting and they will be getting homework from their schools. My lessons will tend to be half to three quarters full with content and then the rest of the lesson will be exploring how we would apply this knowledge in an exam setting.

Exam Board Experience
I have taught WJEC Geography during my training year for my PGCE and I currently teach OCR A geography which is where I am most comfortable. However, if required I have experiences with other exam boards such as AQA, although this is not as in depth as OCR and WJEC.


Business Studies GCSE
Geography Key Stage 3 GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Chester BSc Geography 2:1


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Geography (Key Stage 3) £27.50 £25
Business Studies (GCSE) £30 £30
Geography (GCSE) £32.50 £30
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