Profile Picture I'm a recent University of Cambridge Theology graduate willing to help students prepare for their GCSE and A Level exams.
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About Josie

Having only just graduated from university I am familiar with the examination and learning process and I am keen to help students prepare and improve their exam technique and abilities. Having had a huge amount of experience writing essays, for those with exams coming up I am happy to work on writing style and structure. I am willing to work with students to figure out their best methods of learning.

Tutoring Experience
I have a range of tutoring experience and I currently tutor primary school children, Senior school students and University students.

Lesson Planning
By getting to know my student and talking through the work they've most recently been doing, I will plan lessons based on what they most need support with. I will engage with the students needs specifically so lesson preparation is collaborative.


Maths Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3
English Language Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3
Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE
Government and Politics Key Stage 3 GCSE
Psychology GCSE
Religious Studies Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3
Geography Key Stage 3 GCSE
Personal Statements University Entrance


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Cambridge Theology 2.1
A-Level St Bede's EPQ A*
A-Level St Bede's Government and Politics A*
A-Level St Bede's Geography A*
A-Level St Bede's Psychology A*
GCSE St Bede's RS A*
GCSE St Bede's English Language A*
GCSE St Bede's Biology A*
GCSE St Bede's History A*
GCSE St Bede's Further Maths A
GCSE St Bede's Maths A*
GCSE St Bede's PE A*
GCSE St Bede's English Literature A
GCSE St Bede's Geography A*
GCSE St Bede's Physics A*
GCSE St Bede's Chemistry A*
GCSE St Bede's French A*


Religious Studies (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £13.50
Maths (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £13.50
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £13.50
Maths (Key Stage 3) £13.50
Religious Studies (Key Stage 3) £13.50
Government and Politics (Key Stage 3) £13.50
Geography (Key Stage 3) £13.50
Biology (Key Stage 3) £13.50
English Language (Key Stage 3) £13.50
Psychology (GCSE) £22
Government and Politics (GCSE) £13.50
Biology (GCSE) £22
Geography (GCSE) £22
Personal Statements (University Entrance) £25
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