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With an A* in GCSE Chemistry, I have a deep understanding of knowledge within this area. I am thorough with my work and ensure that my focus is on weaknesses throughout topics.

Tutoring Experience
I am currently a mentor for a second year Chemistry Undergraduate student at Aston University who is at a 2:2 level. My focus is to ensure that her target of a 2:1 is reached and I will continue to push harder towards a 1st. I have been a mentor for just over a year now and am looking forward to taking on a challenge to ensure that we are working towards a good grade.

Lesson Planning
I will be preparing questions which the student must complete in the first week of having their lesson. In this first lesson, i would like to understand their revision techniques and tailor my questions appropriately for the student. Each lesson, I would like to know the topic that they would like to cover in the next lesson so that I can prepare and cover all learning areas within that topic. Every 4 weeks I will have an improvements review to ensure that all students are performing to a good standard


Chemistry GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Other Aston University (First year) Chemistry 1st
Other Aston University (Second Year) Chemistry 2:1
A-Level Brampton College Chemistry C
GCSE St Margaret’s’ Bushey Double Science B
GCSE St Margaret’s Bushey Chemistry A*


Chemistry (GCSE) £12
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