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About Katharine

I am a 24 year old graduate living in Clapham, London. I studied History and French at Oxford, and completed my undergraduate degree in 2018 with a 2:1. I then completed an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies at King's College London, and was awarded a Distinction. I offer tutoring in French, History and English literature up to A-Level, and have plenty of experience having tutored many students of a range of ages over the last few years.

Tutoring Experience
I have taught History, English Literature and Language, and French to students of a wide range of ages over the last few years. During my year abroad in Toulouse, France, in 2016, as well as becoming fluent in French, I taught English as a foreign language at a school. Since then I have taught History at GCSE and A-Level, and English at primary and GCSE level. This past year I spent six months in Amman, Jordan, teaching beginners French and English to Arabic speakers. All this experience has shown me importance of providing teaching that is engaging and fun as well as thorough, and of adapting to the needs of individual students.

Lesson Planning
My lessons are always carefully planned to suit the needs of individual students, based on their age, ability, and what they are working towards. I find that interactive games and quizzes are very effective. Younger children need lots of variety and lots of breaks. Older students benefit from being given the chance to guide the lessons themselves. I often ask them to tell me what they struggle most with, or what they feel we should focus on. For students preparing for upcoming exams, I often use past papers as a resource in my lessons - to help accustom them to the format of the papers they will be taking.

Exam Board Experience
So far, I have taught students taking exams in A-Level History with Edexcel, and IGCSE Edexcel History. I am also familiar with the current AQA English exam specifications. I am happy to take on students preparing for exams under any exam board, and always make sure that I am familiar with the relevant specification and mark schemes.


English Language Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level
English Literature Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level
English as a Foreign Language TEFL
French Primary (KS1 & KS2) Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Adult
Common Entrance - English Common Entrance
Common Entrance - French Common Entrance
Common Entrance - History Common Entrance
Eleven Plus - English Eleven Plus
History Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
Masters King's College London Eighteenth-Century Studies Distinction
Bachelors University of Oxford French and History (Joint Schools) 2:1
A-Level Durham Johnston French A
A-Level Durham Johnston History A
A-Level Durham Johnston Maths A*
A-Level Durham Johnston English Literature A*


In-Person Online
French (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £40 £40
English Language (Primary (KS1 & KS2)) £40 £40
French (Key Stage 3) £40 £40
English Language (Key Stage 3) £40 £40
History (Key Stage 3) £40 £40
English Literature (Key Stage 3) £40 £40
English Literature (GCSE) £40 £40
French (GCSE) £40 £40
History (GCSE) £40 £40
English Language (GCSE) £40 £40
English Literature (IB) £40 £40
English Language (IB) £40 £40
History (IB) £40 £40
French (IB) £40 £40
French (A-Level) £40 £40
English Literature (A-Level) £40 £40
History (A-Level) £40 £40
English Language (A-Level) £40 £40
Common Entrance - English (Common Entrance) £40 £40
Common Entrance - French (Common Entrance) £40 £40
Common Entrance - History (Common Entrance) £40 £40
Eleven Plus - English (Eleven Plus) £40 £40
English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) £40 £40
French (Adult) £40 £40
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