Profile Picture Hi! I'm Katie and I'm currently a second year Biological Sciences student at University.
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I change my teaching method to suit you - if you work best using examples then we'll use examples, or if you prefer using diagrams then we'll do that. We can also change methods during and between sessions to make sure you understand everything as well as you can. I don't mind repeating sessions or topics if you've not understood the first time, and will always make sure you understand what you're learning.

Tutoring Experience
I have been tutoring A Level Biology for many months now so am able to explain concepts well and have a good understanding of exam technique and how to answer exam questions. Previous students have achieved highly in mock exams and have found my tutoring helpful and engaging.

Lesson Planning
I create a lesson plan to ensure we cover everything we need to - this will include me teaching you and some questions to ensure you understand what we've talked about. It could also include some discussion on topics covered to help you understand biology in a wider context.

Student Success Stories
My previous student has achieved highly, going from achieving Bs and Cs to getting their first A*!


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Colchester County High School for Girls English Language A
A-Level Colchester County High School for Girls Maths A
A-Level Colchester County High School for Girls Biology A*


Biology (Key Stage 3) £13
Biology (GCSE) £13
Biology (A-Level) £13
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