Profile Picture Not long out of the Scottish Exam system myself, I use this to guide and help me teach what is needed. I am someone who can find a different method to suit ones needs when learning mathematics.
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About Lauren

My area of expertise would be the areas required for national 5 and higher examinations, receiving around 95% in my Scottish higher exam in 2019. Within this, I had self-taught around 60% of the higher maths course to myself and I have a strong understanding of not just the process for a maths question, but also why we do something a certain way. This can be crucial in an exam to separate from where one is sitting and the higher grade. I am a firm believer in practice making perfect, and different approaches work for different people.

Tutoring Experience
In my 6th year of high school, I was a teacher's aide to a younger school class to help support them. I was also regularly the child sat next to other children to help them in class from S1 all the way up to S6.

Lesson Planning
During the first lesson, a discussion of level and any known difficulties would be had. Following that would be a brief 'assessment' so I could see a student's line of thinking to find methods that would work best for them. Lessons would be structured around a specific topic. I would break the topic down into smaller sections and go over a problem, explain the process and why we do that process, and then some practice questions. Homework would be optional, with questions of varying difficulty set that the student could pick to do if they felt they needed more practice. At the start of the following lesson I would look through the work to see how they did.

Exam Board Experience
I only left High Schoo in late 2019 so I have a very recent experience of Scottish exams.


Maths S1 - S3 (Scotland) National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland) Higher (Scotland)
Further Maths S1 - S3 (Scotland) National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland) Higher (Scotland)
Chemistry National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland) Higher (Scotland)
Physics National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland) Higher (Scotland)


Level School Subject Grade
Higher (Scotland) Uddingston Grammar School Chemistry A
Higher (Scotland) Uddingston Grammar School Physics A
Higher (Scotland) Uddingston Grammar School English A
Higher (Scotland) Uddingston Grammar School History B
Higher (Scotland) Uddingston Grammar School Mathematics A


In-Person Online
Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Further Maths (S1 - S3 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Physics (National 4 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Chemistry (National 4 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Maths (National 4 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Further Maths (National 4 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Chemistry (National 5 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Physics (National 5 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Further Maths (National 5 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Maths (National 5 (Scotland)) £12 £12
Chemistry (Higher (Scotland)) £12 £12
Physics (Higher (Scotland)) £12 £12
Maths (Higher (Scotland)) £12 £12
Further Maths (Higher (Scotland)) £12 £12
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