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About Lynden

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. My name is Lynden and I am currently working towards a Biochemistry PhD. I study the relationship between structure and function in certain enzymes that are responsible for producing antibiotics and polymers, and we aim to use the information to make new antibiotics and self-healing materials. As part of the course I teach in the undergraduate (student) labs and I have taken multiple training courses to make me a better teacher. I love the teaching aspect of my work as well as the lab work. My qualifications and training, coupled with my enthusiasm for science and love for learning mean that tutoring others is a natural progression. My philosophy is simple - I believe in guiding students to the answer rather than simply giving answers away. This allows the student not only to understand the subject as a whole, but gives an appreciation of critical and independent thinking - both essential qualities for any scientist. Oh, and I've passed a few exams in my life and I have a whole bunch of methods to make this a lot easier…

Tutoring Experience
I currently have 2 undergraduate students that I supervise in my lab. They are in their 3rd year of university studying biochemistry, and have to complete a lab project as part of the course. I guide them through this, showing them how to use equipment, how to plan experiments and how to analyse data. I also demonstrate in the teaching labs. This means I help out the lead investigator (a professor, usually) by showing large groups of students (80+) how to use equipment safely and effectively, how to perform key biochemical calculations and how to analyse data. The key here is getting the students to think critically about their work, as scientists should. I also have a number of hours under my belt private tutoring at various levels.

Lesson Planning
In terms of lesson planning I am flexible - the lessons need to be tailored to the student and no two students are the same. If the student can provide in advance what they are looking for, whether that be help with a specific topic or recurring help across the whole subject throughout the year I can tailor my lessons to suit.

Exam Board Experience
Having recently graduated from university I can say that I am very familiar with exam boards. I graduated with a First class BSc from the University of Bristol showing that I am not only familiar with exams, but I know how to pass them with flying colours. I also received straight A's at college, and a multitude of A's and A*'s at GCSE level.

Student Success Stories
My current undergraduate students are on their way to First class projects as a result of my guidance, and the majority of students that I have supervised while demonstrating have passed their 'post-lab' tests.


Combined Science Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Physics Key Stage 3 GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Doctorate University of Bristol Biochemistry N/A
Bachelors University of Bristol Biochemistry First
A-Level Peter Symonds College Maths, Chemistry, Biology A
A-Level Wyvern Technology College French B
GCSE Wyvern Technology College 12, inc English, maths and all sciences A*-B


In-Person Online
Biology (Key Stage 3) £20 £20
Physics (Key Stage 3) £20 £20
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £20 £20
Combined Science (Key Stage 3) £20 £20
Physics (GCSE) £20 £20
Combined Science (GCSE) £20 £20
Chemistry (GCSE) £20 £20
Biology (GCSE) £20 £20
Chemistry (IB) £20 £20
Combined Science (IB) £20 £20
Biology (IB) £20 £20
Chemistry (A-Level) £25 £25
Combined Science (A-Level) £25 £25
Biology (A-Level) £25 £25
Combined Science (Pre U) £25 £25
Chemistry (Pre U) £25 £25
Biology (Pre U) £25 £25
Combined Science (Graduate) £27.50 £27.50
Biology (Graduate) £27.50 £27.50
Chemistry (Graduate) £27.50 £27.50
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