Profile Picture Hi. I'm Mahim! I'm a engineering student who would like to teach maths ( not further maths!) upto A levels.
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About Mahim

I'm 20 years old and I'm in the first year of studying Mechanical engineering. I finished my A levels on maths, physics and chemistry, securing A in all of them. During my free time, I write stories and paint, watch anime and yada yada yada. I like doing mathematics and hopefully we'll have a fun time with it.

Tutoring Experience
Apart from casually tutoring my friends and family, I am just starting my professional tutoring career. Everyone has to start from somewhere Haha!

Lesson Planning
Basically the plan is We work through topic by topic. Do bunch of examples, questions, tests and activities until the student is confident enough for that topic. Then we move to the next topic.

Exam Board Experience
I have done Edexcel for my A levels. And before that, I had experience with Cambridge International Assessment Examination (CAIE) which is a popular international exam board.



Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Westminster Kingsway College Maths, Physics, Chemistry All A
GCSE Oxford International School Maths D, Additional Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Computer Science, Bengali, English Language All A*


Maths (GCSE) £14.99
Maths (A-Level) £16.29
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