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As a qualified teacher of science, I have worked at several schools and colleges across the country in a range of academic settings helping students for different backgrounds make progress in the sciences and mathematics. With a degree in physics, experience in research and education I specialise in delivering expert and up to date lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry to secondary school and college aged students. Lessons can be delivered at a time convenient to you. Lessons are tailored to the student's needs with a focus on effective personalised feedback and bespoke assignments based on each student's individual needs and performance. Work is set in a way designed to ensure that students are challenged but also to ensure that the work will build the confidence needed to excel.

Tutoring Experience
I have tutored GCSE students for over ten years since studying own A levels in 2008, I have been a qualified teacher since 2016 gaining an PGCE (science) from the University of Brighton. I have taught in several schools since primarily in the North East of England. In addition I have also taught on a 1-to-1 level on a regular basis throughout the last ten years.

Lesson Planning
So that every student reaches their potential I work to ensure that for every 1 hour lesson there is an approximately an additional 1 hour of work for the student to complete and that personalised feedback from this work will form the basis of the activities for the contact hour, that way students are making and learning how to make the most effective use of the study time available to them. Lesson pace varies from student to student and topic to topic in order that each student makes as much progress as possible during every lesson with student's pervious lessons and work informing the pace of future lessons. I try to encourage a dialogue with students and for them to develop an increased ownership over their learning, I encourage them evaluate what works for them personally, to offer feedback and over time establish an good understanding of how they best learn individually and what activities help them to best process new information. By working with them and demonstrating alternatives on how to structure their review and revision of material effectively I hope to ensure that students not only do well in any subjects I am teaching them but also work to maximise learning and revision outside of the lessons I deliver. As students approach exams I try to build a thorough understanding of exam techniques, of question analysis and of time management. Ensuring they have all the skills that are needed to do well in examinations. By developing these skills on top of a bedrock of good understanding of the material in the syllabus they can ensure that they achieve their potential.

Student Success Stories
Over the last two years my tutees have generally surpassed their expected grades at GCSE by between one and two grades. my most recent students in 2021 predicted 5 at GCSE achieving a grade 7, predicted a grade 6 achieved a grade 8 and predicted a grade 4 achieved a grade 5.


Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE
Combined Science Key Stage 3 GCSE
Physics Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
Teaching University of Brighton PGCE (Science) Outstanding
Bachelors University of Warwick Physics 1st Class


Maths (Key Stage 3) £28
Combined Science (Key Stage 3) £28
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £28
Physics (Key Stage 3) £28
Combined Science (GCSE) £28
Maths (GCSE) £28
Physics (GCSE) £28
Chemistry (GCSE) £28
Physics (A-Level) £36
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