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About Nirma

I used to volunteer for a youth centre teaching English for both GCSE level and (my level at the time) A Level English Literature and Language. I have found that the most effective teaching method that I like to use is to establish the student’s preferred revision styles and adapt them into my lessons.

Tutoring Experience
Whilst volunteering for a youth centre, I had children and young adults who I would assist with their English courses (GCSE and A Level combined) and help them to understand the content of their syllabus and to improve their grades.

Lesson Planning
I first like to discuss with the students in which ways they find it easier to digest information and plan my lessons accordingly. For example, if a student understands the topic through real life application, I adapt a more anecdotal style of teaching.

Exam Board Experience
I have personal experience with AQA for A Level and AQA, GCSE and Edexcel for GCSE.

Student Success Stories
All my student went up by at least one grade boundary with my most successful student going from a C to an A for A Level Literature.


English Language GCSE A-Level
English Literature GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Chester Psychology -
A-Level Loreto College English Language A*
A-Level Loreto College English Language A
A-Level Loreto College Psychology A


English Literature (GCSE) £15.32
English Language (GCSE) £15.32
English Literature (A-Level) £18
English Language (A-Level) £18
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