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Hi, I'm Patryk and I'm a third year Chemistry and Biochemistry student at University. Having succeeded at A Level and University, achieving A*s in Biology and Chemistry and getting a first in both years of study at uni, I wanted to share the techniques and tips that allowed me achieve the top grades to help others who want to succeed in their studies. My main areas of expertise are in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, and in Molecular and Cellular Biology, but I'm also a confident tutor in all disciplines within Biology and Chemistry.

Tutoring Experience
I have experience as a volunteer tutor with the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative, in which I tutored two A Level Chemistry students and helped them gain a deeper level of understanding of the subject - as well as helping them develop their maths skills and edit personal statements. Furthermore, I have participated in a variety of mentoring schemes including Zero Gravity, which seeks to help prospective first generation university students in their applications, and a peer mentoring scheme at my university, in which I'm guiding first year students and helping them find their feet in a new learning environment. In my tutoring, I like to give control to the student and let them decide how our sessions will pan out. This way they can target our work to the areas in which they most need help and lets me tailor my sessions to their specific learning styles. I also give students key techniques and tips that helped me excel in my exams, as well as offering useful resources to supplement their studies.

Lesson Planning
I plan my lessons around the specification to make sure my sessions give the tutee the best opportunity for success. I break it down into its key bullet points and focus initially on these to ensure the student has a strong foundation of knowledge on which we can build their understanding, before developing this by going into more depth. I like to ask students what they'd like each session to focus on to make them feel as confident with the material as possible. Depending on the students preference, I give them some practice questions to do before the session, in order to pinpoint the areas on which we need to focus.

Exam Board Experience
I am very confident with the OCR A specification, having studied this one myself, as well as tutoring a student on this specification. I also have experience tutoring students on the AQA specification and am familiar with the content. However, I am more than happy to tutor students studying any specification!

Student Success Stories
My students have given very positive feedback, saying my sessions have been "really beneficial to their learning" and that my teaching style helped them "understand the course in more depth." Furthermore, my sessions helped my students go from getting Bs to As and A*s in just a couple of months!


Maths GCSE
Combined Science GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Bachelors University of Leeds Natural Sciences (Biochemistry and Chemistry) First class
A-Level Hills Road Sixth Form College Extended Project Qualification (Polish-Lithuanian Political History) B
A-Level Hills Road Sixth Form College Maths with Statistics A
A-Level Hills Road Sixth Form College Chemistry A*
A-Level Hills Road Sixth Form College German A
A-Level Hills Road Sixth Form College Biology A*
GCSE The Netherhall School English Literature A*
GCSE The Netherhall School History A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Chemistry A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Maths A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Music A
GCSE The Netherhall School English Language A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Polish A*
GCSE The Netherhall School French A*
GCSE The Netherhall School German A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Physics A*
GCSE The Netherhall School Biology A*


Combined Science (GCSE) £20
Chemistry (GCSE) £20
Maths (GCSE) £20
Biology (GCSE) £20
Chemistry (A-Level) £20
Biology (A-Level) £20
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