Profile Picture Hi I'm Rebecca, a second year medical student based in Bristol and am happy to do lessons in person as well as online for KSE and GCSE Biology and Chemistry and GCSE Science and Maths and A Level Biology and Chemistry
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Rebecca M

About Rebecca

As a student myself I struggled to respond and learn to the traditional teaching methods of just memorising the facts and repeating the back to an exam page and therefore had to take the time to teach myself the subjects and make sure understood why something worked that way rather than the fact it just did and therefore have developed a deeper understanding of my topics. I find this very useful as a tutor as it means I have depth of the subject and can explain things to students rather than just tell them it as fact and expect them to remember it.

Tutoring Experience
I tutored fellow students from my school at a GCSE level in biology, chemistry and maths when I was an a-level student working with student at all ability levels to help them work towards achieving their target grades. I'm very confident tutoring A level Biology and Chemistry, and Biology, Chemistry and Maths at GCSE level.

Lesson Planning
I start off by seeing where the student is at and discussing where they would like to be. I then discuss and work with the student to find out what teaching styles they respond to best and what style of learning we both feel would help them achieve the grades they are hoping to.

Exam Board Experience
I am most familiar with AQA exam board for GCSE in Bio, Chem and Maths, and AQA Chem at a-level, and edexcel for Biology however I am happy to research the students exam board ahead of time to make sure I cover everything they need.


Biology Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level
Combined Science Key Stage 3 GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level UTC Bolton Chemistry A/B
A-Level UTC Bolton Biology A
A-Level UTC Bolton Maths B
GCSE The King David High School English Language A
GCSE The King David High School Physics A
GCSE The King David High School English Lit C
GCSE The King David High School Biology A
GCSE The King David High School Religious Studies - Judaism A
GCSE The King David High School Food Technology B
GCSE The King David High School Chemistry A
GCSE The King David High School Drama A
GCSE The King David High School Maths A*


In-Person Online
Combined Science (Key Stage 3) £20 £18
Maths (Key Stage 3) £20 £18
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £20 £18
Biology (Key Stage 3) £20 £18
Combined Science (GCSE) £20 £18
Chemistry (GCSE) £20 £18
Maths (GCSE) £20 £18
Biology (GCSE) £20 £18
Biology (A-Level) £22 £20
Chemistry (A-Level) £22 £20
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