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About Saira

I am a postgraduate pharmacy student: specializing in cancer biology and therapeutics, offering GCSE and A level biology classes!

Tutoring Experience
I have previously taught biology to year 9th, 10th and 11th at a school in my home town. I also taught year 9 chemistry. Apart from my teaching job, I have home tutored a few students as well!

Lesson Planning
I always plan lessons for the next week beforehand. I equally divide the chapters we should be covering, over the number of lessons I am supposed to give. I also, in between topics give short tests so the student can evaluate and revise the concepts learned. It is my opinion, that biology is very interesting and students can understand it best if you explain it to them using day to day examples from their life or by utilizing pop culture references. I always encourage my students to think outside the box and question what they are taught, so that they can understand things better.

Exam Board Experience
I have taught board classes of matriculation and intermediate (highschool) and GCSEs Cambridge board.

Student Success Stories
Most of my year 10th students got 80% or above in board exams and my year 11th students mostly got 75% and above.



Level School Subject Grade
Teaching Army public school and college, Islamabad, Pakistan. Biology 9, 10, 11.
Masters Cardiff university Cancer biology and therapeutics NA
Bachelors Forman Christian college Biotechnology A- or 3.0/4.0 cgpa


In-Person Online
Biology (GCSE) £19 £15
Biology (A-Level) £25 £19
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