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I have always enjoyed teaching and I have helped out in school mentor and study schemes as well as volunteered my time to tutor during the Covid-19 pandemic to help out people who were unable to afford private tutoring. I particularly enjoy how discursive English is and so I like to keep sessions interactive and discussion-based. This way I can cover the theory in an exciting and more open-minded way and really bring the set texts to life.

Tutoring Experience
For the past four months, I have been tutoring with the volunteer organisation Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative and I have been tutoring A Level Politics and A Level English to Year 12 students. This has involved researching new exam boards and restructuring my existing knowledge around them, delivering weekly sessions and following up with emails. I have also had informal tutoring experience through school mentoring programs where I have worked with Key Stage 3 students. This has involved building comprehension and English analysis skills with pupils and increasing their confidence in the subject through focussed sessions on particular areas of need. In addition, I have supported my younger brother (who is in Year 8) with English, especially during the coronavirus period.

Lesson Planning
I prepare lesson plans myself and make customised, colour-coded and engaging notes for my tutees. I make English lessons discursive and interactive to keep them fun, engaging, and to bring the set-texts to life.

Exam Board Experience
I am very familiar with Edexcel A Level English Literature, Edexcel Politics A Level, and AQA B English Literature A Level. I have good knowledge of AQA English GCSE. For KS3 pupils, I am happy to research the specific texts required by the school.

Student Success Stories
My sixth form students have had no formal assessment but they are making good progress and feeling more confident to enter year 13. My brother progressed from a B to an A this year despite Coronavirus disruption.


English Language GCSE National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland)
English Literature Key Stage 3 GCSE A-Level National 4 (Scotland) National 5 (Scotland)
Government and Politics A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Caterham School Economics A*
A-Level Caterham School Drama B
A-Level Caterham School Politics A*
A-Level Caterham School English Literature A*
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls Media Studies B
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls Drama A
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls French A
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls Biology A
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls History A
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls Religious Studies A*
GCSE Wallington High School For Girls Chemistry A
GCSE Wallington High School For Girls Mathematics 8
GCSE Wallington High School For Girls Physics A*
GCSE Wallington High School for Girls English Literature 8
GCSE Wallington High School For Girls English Language 9


English Literature (Key Stage 3) £12
English Language (GCSE) £15
English Literature (GCSE) £15
Government and Politics (A-Level) £18
English Literature (A-Level) £18
English Language (National 4 (Scotland)) £13.50
English Literature (National 4 (Scotland)) £13.50
English Literature (National 5 (Scotland)) £15
English Language (National 5 (Scotland)) £15
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