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Shashin S

About Shashin

I have been a tutor for almost 3 years and have tutored in many aspects of education. I've tutored academic subjects at a GCSE & A Level standard but have also been a tutor in different organisations such as the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. I teach by going over a specific topic, then going through a worked example, then allowing the student to go through an example question, then allowing them to do set questions. Following this, I also set homework which may include some trickier questions if they feel up to it!

Tutoring Experience
I have tutored for almost 3 years officially, teaching mainly maths and science-based subjects.

Lesson Planning
I like to see where my students are at, by placing regular assessments which go over past topics I have taught. I go over a worked example in the lesson, then allow the students to go through some questions where I can assist if necessary

Exam Board Experience
I am good with exam technique, especially for AQA A Level Biology and OCR A Level Chemistry

Student Success Stories
1. Success isn't defined by me, success is individual to my students. 2. In terms of stats, I have 1 student going to University next year to study Biochemistry, and 2 more entering Sixth Form


Combined Science GCSE
Physics GCSE
Medicine BMAT
Dentistry BMAT
Personal Statements University Entrance


Level School Subject Grade
A-Level Cardinal Newman College Mathematics A
A-Level Cardinal Newman College Chemistry A
A-Level Cardinal Newman College Biology A


In-Person Online
Combined Science (GCSE) £20 £20
Maths (GCSE) £20 £20
Biology (GCSE) £20 £20
Physics (GCSE) £20 £20
Chemistry (GCSE) £20 £20
Maths (A-Level) £25 £25
Chemistry (A-Level) £25 £25
Biology (A-Level) £25 £25
Medicine (BMAT) £17 £17
Dentistry (BMAT) £17 £17
Personal Statements (University Entrance) £14 £14
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