Profile Picture Hi there! I am Tabitha, a second-year university student who aspires to be a great teacher.
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During sessions, we will follow the working-smart approach, focusing on the most difficult aspects of your chosen subject in order to develop and build greater understanding. We will also cover and concentrate on exam preparation, revision, and in cases coursework techniques.

Tutoring Experience
Last year, I volunteered to assistant teach at a Korean British International School. The main task I had while working there was to provide English literature and language help to groups of children. I have worked with children of all levels and helped them improve their skills.

Lesson Planning
My lessons are student-led to an extent and each lesson plan will be tailored around your chosen key focus. After each lesson, we will have a discussion about what we should focus on next time. Each lesson lasts for one hour and consists of five sections: a warmup, the main task, the secondary task, questions, and the conclusion. In order to make lesson plans I look at specification guides, mark schemes and list your subject topics so that we cover all aspects of your subject as well as your personal focus choice.

Exam Board Experience
I am familiar with different exam boards having sat AQA and Edexcel exams myself while doing GSCE and Levels. From having experience teaching in schools I also have more hands on experience with exam boards, using provided mark schemes to mark in class test.


Ojey K
Mon, 10 Jan 2022 16:58
Tabitha is extremely organised and an all round solid tutor. Even with the hurdles she faced, she was extremely kind and diligent toward our sister. Would highly recommend.


English Language Key Stage 3 GCSE
English as a Foreign Language TEFL
Philosophy GCSE A-Level
Religious Studies GCSE
History GCSE A-Level


Level School Subject Grade
Other TEFL Academy TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language Merit
Bachelors University of London History BA Still Studying
A-Level Sponne School Philosophy B
A-Level Sponne School History A
A-Level Sponne School English Literature B
GCSE Sponne School Additional Science C
GCSE Sponne School Geography B A
GCSE Sponne School English Language 6
GCSE Sponne School Art and Design (Fine Art) A
GCSE Sponne School Mathematics 4
GCSE Sponne School Science B
GCSE Sponne School Religious Studies A
GCSE Sponne School History A
GCSE Sponne School Textiles Technology B
GCSE Sponne School ICT A
GCSE Sponne School English Literature 7


English Literature (Key Stage 3) £13
English Language (Key Stage 3) £13
Religious Studies (GCSE) £13
English Literature (GCSE) £13
Philosophy (GCSE) £13
History (GCSE) £13
English Language (GCSE) £13
History (A-Level) £13
English Literature (A-Level) £13
Philosophy (A-Level) £13
English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) £13
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