Profile Picture A current MSc candidate, and chemical engineering graduate with a passion for helping younger leaners achieve their academic full potential.
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I believe every learner is capable of achieving high grades, especially in this internet era. Sometimes students fall short because traditional schooling doesn't equip students with effective study methods they can explore. Traditional schooling also cannot cater for the learning needs of each and every individual in a class. I initially try and expose learners to various study methods they can use, to help them identify which ones work best for them, even long after a tutor is done with them. I try expose learners to methods such such as flash cards and using online flash card tools such as Anki, teaching concepts back to a tutor, Youtube videos, and active recall to name a few. I try and re-teach concepts students may have missed in class, from first principles in fun and interactive ways. And after all the teaching is done i expose them to various questions, from textbooks, past papers and revision guides. Although past papers are an important study tool, I endeavour to clarify concepts, so that students can answer any question that comes their way in their final exams. Getting students to enjoy their subjects is also a bonus for me:).

Tutoring Experience
Throughout my udnergraduate degree I tutored children from an underprivileged area, during some of my free weekends. I tutored science subjects mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Last year during my gap year, I started tutoring two children (one-on-one), in the same science subjects. I mainly tutored during weekends and holiday. I did sometimes give some homework for the week if this didn't clash with their school homework timetables.

Lesson Planning
I generally use the first lesson to understand which areas a student is weak in, and they would like to emphasise on during our sessions. Prior to a lesson I go through the subject and exam board syllabus to understand the learning objectives required of the students, by whichever exam board they use. (Syllabi may also vary slightly between years) I always prepare lesson plans in advance, and I emphasise on common misconceptions students encounter in particular topics, as examiners test these a lot. I endeavour to deliver interactive lessons, with a few problems to solve, to test a students understanding. This is a general lesson plan I follow, but I ask students for feedback, so I know whether this method works for them or they'd like to try something different. In some lessons I ask students to teach a certain topic to me, to gauge whether they've understood a topic.

Exam Board Experience
I am familiar with IGCSE, and GCSE examination boards, as wrote IGCSE exams myself. I am also familiar with A levels. These are the boards I have most experience with. I am however open to being exposed to any other boards, as I think science is quite universal.

Student Success Stories
My most ntable achievement is a student I took on last year. She is working towards her IGCSE exams. Over a week period (term time, lessons on Saturdays and Sundays only) , six week period I took her from a biology average of around 40% to an examination mark of 66%, and a mathematics average of around 42% to 57%. Her teachers were pleased with the notable improvement she made in this short period of time.


Maths GCSE IGCSE A-Level
Biology GCSE IGCSE A-Level
Chemistry GCSE IGCSE A-Level Pre U
Combined Science GCSE IGCSE
Physics GCSE IGCSE A-Level Pre U


Level School Subject Grade
Masters University of Sunderland Cosmetic Chemistry/Science TBD
Bachelors University of Cape Town Chemical Engineering 2.2
A-Level Arundel School Harare Biology B
A-Level Arundel School Harare Chemistry B
A-Level Arundel School Harare mathematics A
GCSE Arundel School Harare Geography A
GCSE Arundel School Harare Environmental Management A*
GCSE Arundel School Harare History A
GCSE Arundel School Harare English Literature A
GCSE Arundel School Harare French A*
GCSE Arundel School Harare English Language A
GCSE Arundel School Harare Mathematics A
GCSE Arundel school harare Biology A
GCSE Arundel School Harare Physics A
GCSE Arundel School Harare Chemistry A*


Biology (GCSE) £18
Combined Science (GCSE) £18
Chemistry (GCSE) £18
Maths (GCSE) £20
Physics (GCSE) £18
Chemistry (IGCSE) £18
Maths (IGCSE) £20
Physics (IGCSE) £18
Biology (IGCSE) £18
Combined Science (IGCSE) £18
Chemistry (A-Level) £20
Biology (A-Level) £20
Maths (A-Level) £20
Physics (A-Level) £20
Chemistry (Pre U) £22
Physics (Pre U) £22
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