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Victoria U

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I am a secondary school English teacher, currently teaching key stage 3 and 4. I qualified 14 years ago and have a wealth of experience teaching children from a range of backgrounds and abilities. I love the subject I teach and enjoy bringing it to life for my students, ensuring they make outstanding progress in my classes and sessions.

Tutoring Experience
I've tutored children and adults on a casual basis for the last year or so, alongside my teaching role, and enjoy working with smaller groups / one to one with individuals as I find the rapid progress they are able to make rewarding and motivating. I'm keen to offer my services to those that would benefit and tailor sessions carefully to ensure that specific needs are met. I aim to stretch and challenge all individuals that I tutor to ensure they make the best progress they can.

Lesson Planning
My lessons will always have a 'think-start' which might be a reading images starter or a key question linked to the objective or perhaps something linked to key words. I will work with students to model what I am teaching them - by showing them how to respond to a particular exam question or skill. I will give lots of opportunities for independent work and will set homework to be reviewed at the next lesson.

Exam Board Experience
I am an examiner for AQA English language and have also examined for Edexcel. This has been the best professional development a teacher can ask for as it has made me an expert in how assessment objectives are tested at GCSE.

Student Success Stories
Having taught a range of abilities, my classes have generally made positive progress. I pride myself on consistency and have also been able to motivate the students I teach to successfully meet their target grades. I am an English literature expert and, as a lover, of literature, find teaching it very enjoyable. This has always resulted in students who are motivated and inspired.


English Language Key Stage 3 GCSE
English Literature Key Stage 3 GCSE
English as a Foreign Language IELTS


Level School Subject Grade
Teaching Chichester University Qualified teacher status (English specialism) PASS
Bachelors Southampton University English 2: 1


English Literature (Key Stage 3) £33
English Language (Key Stage 3) £33
English Language (GCSE) £35
English Literature (GCSE) £35
English as a Foreign Language (IELTS) £35
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