Profile Picture Qualified science teacher with specialism in chemistry and experience teaching and tutoring all levels.
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About Yusuf

Continually checking you understand what we've been doing. You'll have to prove it! I'm not afraid to reteach what you haven't yet mastered, and I'll look to stretch you with content that is higher than what you're 'supposed' to do.

Tutoring Experience
I am a newly qualified science teacher with a love for understanding how the world works. That means I've had some experience tutoring A-level students during my undergraduate degree, four in total, and have taught an A-level class throughout this academic year. All that to say I know what is generally more challenging for Chemistry students to understand and what kind of sneaky tricks exams will throw at you.

Lesson Planning
Having just finished training, I am up to date with effective learning strategies and enthusiastic about helping you thrive in your subject. In each lesson, I will model to you what excellence looks like so that you can then learn to do it yourself and meet your high expectations. Practice is key, so you will be expected to both complete tasks in lessons and outside to consolidate and get your technique exam-ready.

Exam Board Experience
I have taught AQA and tutored OCR. Currently teach OCR A.

Student Success Stories
Of my four past students, two scored a B, one a C and one an A.


Chemistry Key Stage 3 GCSE IB A-Level Pre U Graduate
Combined Science GCSE
Physics GCSE


Level School Subject Grade
Masters Durham University Chemistry First Class Honours


In-Person Online
Chemistry (Key Stage 3) £30 £28
Physics (GCSE) £30 £28
Combined Science (GCSE) £30 £28
Chemistry (GCSE) £32 £32
Chemistry (IB) £32 £32
Chemistry (A-Level) £32 £32
Chemistry (Pre U) £32 £32
Chemistry (Graduate) £32 £32
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