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Quick & Easy Tips To Supercharge Your GCSE Science Revision

18 August 2021 Quick Guides

Supercharge your GCSE Science revision schedule with Tutorspot! Are you lacking in motivation to study after school, or need some guidance on what to study and when? We have GCSE Science tutors for every ability and level, so whatever your learning requirements, our highly qualified and friendly tutors are here to help you at every stage of your GCSE Science qualification.

In this article, we will explore some quick and easy tips to bolster your GCSE Science revision schedule, whether you’re studying for GCSE Combined Science or separate sciences, GCSE Physics, GCSE Biology and GCSE Chemistry – all of which our outstanding tutors can help you with. So let’s step right in and discover our top tricks to supercharging your Science GCSE revision.

Tip No.1: Establish A Revision Plan Based On Strengths & Weaknesses

First and foremost, understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie within the GCSE Science syllabus will put you in a position to strategise your learning schedule for the next few months. More often than not, your strengths can be utilised to make understanding your weaknesses a little easier, so make a list of both down on a piece of paper. These might include:

When you work alongside an online GCSE Science tutor, they will be able to devise an ongoing session schedule that will include exercises and resources to best prepare you for your exams. In understanding where you need to improve to achieve your predicted grades, you will be able to map out the plan of action for the coming months, so you know exactly what you need to be focusing on and when. You will be surprised at how effective this exercise can be when starting your revision journey.

Tip No.2: Utilise Every Resource To Your Advantage

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When starting your GCSE Science qualification, you will know which syllabus your school will be using for your exams and this is where the preparation starts. You will want to back up any in-class learning or online tutoring with revision guides specific to your exam board, as these will have all the information and details you need to answer the exam questions appropriately – be sure to invest in the right revision books for your GCSE Core Science or GCSE Triple Science!

Don’t forget, Tutorspot has expert online Chemistry tutors for all abilities available today!

Many revision books will have end-of-chapter questions or small mock exams that you can use for practice in your revision time. As well, if you invest in an online Science tutor, they will be able to provide you with mock exam papers for you to complete and give you valuable feedback to your answers, which you can take on board and use to your advantage in future sessions. It’s this level of dedication and engagement between you and your tutor that will help you succeed in your exams.

Tip No.3: Summarise Your Notes

Where there is revision preparation, there are also a whole lot of notes! You may have a dedicated folder or notebook for each topic in your GCSE Science syllabus, in which case you will want it to be organised so you can quickly flick through to the right topic when it’s needed.

One way in which you can efficiently organise and therefore remember your revision notes is to summarise them as much as possible, without leaving out any of the important information you need to retain for the exam. For example, you may want to make individual, colour-coordinated revision cards for each topic, with a short sentence or two that you can use as part of your exam answers. Revision cards or summary notes may not appeal to all GCSE Science students, but when you have a substantial amount of information to take on board, you may find it extremely useful and time efficient!

Tip No.4: Always Ask Questions

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It may seem like a small tip to consider, but asking questions – both throughout your classroom lessons and your online GCSE Science tutoring – will make all the difference in your understanding of the subject(s). Admitting that you don’t understand something and raising your hand in front of the class can be intimidating, but your knowledge and exams are more important than anything else, so never be scared to ask for extra help.

Luckily, with support from your dedicated online Science tutor, you will feel comfortable enough to ask questions and suggest ways to improve your learning as time goes on. There will always be chances to ask questions about your learning so you can improve your knowledge in a more comfortable environment. What’s more, it will save you a lot of time and stress worrying if you think you have missed something in the classroom environment, when you can ask your tutor during your sessions. So, make sure to get into the habit of asking questions if you’ve missed something or are confused, as it could be the difference between a grade or two.

Tip No 5: Start Your GCSE Science Revision Early

Last but not least, get a head start on your revision by starting as early as possible. That might mean purchasing your Science revision books in the summer holidays before the new school year starts and familiarising yourself with the syllabus. Or, it could be that you invest in an online Science tutor that can set you up nice and early with a unique tutored schedule, which you can work through together over the next few weeks or months. There are many benefits to starting your revision early and below are just a few:

You tend to feel more stressed and anxious if you start your revision later on in the year or leave it to the last minute.
Arrange tutoring sessions throughout the half term holiday – you don’t need to do too many, but just enough to keep the ball rolling and so you don’t forget the hard work you’ve already put in!
You are less likely to suffer from ‘burn out’ if you start revision earlier, as you would have had lots of time to revise following a weekly schedule – therefore, meaning more time to spend with friends and doing things you enjoy.
Most importantly, you will be able to remember information more easily and clearly if you start revision early. If you start later on, you’re more likely to try and pack all the information in at once and therefore you’ll be more susceptible to forgetting it all!

Get Onboard With An Online GCSE Science Tutor, Today

Finding and getting in touch with your perfect online Science tutor is super easy with Tutorspot. Simply find the subject and level of study you require help with and our system will filter the best online Science tutors for you – research their profiles and qualifications and message them directly to ask for their availability. Within a couple of minutes, you can have your first Science tutoring session booked!

Many of our highly qualified tutors can also help with ongoing revision, including A-Level Science tutoring, if you are looking ahead to further education, so feel free to enquire about future tutoring availability or contact us today for more information about our online GCSE Science tutoring services.

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