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Achieve Your Potential With Our Online Chemistry Tutors

6 December 2021 Uncategorized

So you’re a Chemistry student who wants to do the best they can, and you’re wondering if Tutorspot’s online chemistry tutors can help.

The short answer is this: yes they can. 

Whether you’re searching for Chemistry tutors because it’s the weak link in your Combined Science GCSE or you’re a science buff who’s thinking that GCSE Chemistry tutors could help you get that Grade 7,8 or 9 before sixth form, we can help.

Looking for A-level Chemistry tutors to get you through one of the toughest exams you’ll ever sit? We can help with that, too.

Student making Chemistry notes

As your teachers will have told you many times, education isn’t just about learning. It’s about doing your best and achieving your potential. And our online Chemistry tutors are here to help you get there.

Chemistry tutors to help you with your GCSEs

At Tutorspot, we know that all students are unique. You’ve all got different needs and different struggles – even when it comes to GCSE Chemistry.

You might be reading this because you groaned when the teachers told you that you had to take sciences at GCSE, the GCSEs are getting closer and closer, you just want to pass your combined science exam, and Chemistry is the one element you’re struggling with.

Perhaps you’ve no idea what “Quantitative Chemistry” is or what “Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter” means. 

Well, here’s the good news: Our online GCSE Chemistry tutors do. And they want to help you.

They are not just experts; they are patient, they know Chemistry is no walk in the park, they can talk to you about the areas you are struggling with, they have been where you are now and they are just a click away. 

The beauty of working with online Chemistry tutors is that you don’t have to worry about travelling there, or choosing a tutor who lives close to you. It’s all very flexible – just pick the one who looks like the best fit for you and go from there.

GCSE Chemistry tutors to help you reach the top grades

Perhaps you’ve just read the paragraph above and thought: “Well, that’s not me! I’m not worried about passing, I’m worried that I might not get the best grade I can.”

At Tutorspot, many of our online tutors’ students aren’t teenagers looking for help passing their exams: they’re students wanting that extra push to get them the Grade 8 or Grade 9 which they know they’re capable of.

Perhaps that’s you. Maybe you’ve always enjoyed Chemistry and you’re aiming to continue your studies at sixth form with A level Chemistry. But first, you want to get the best possible grade you can at GCSE, so that you’re ready for sixth form – and working with an online GCSE Chemistry tutor is the best way to do that. 

Our GCSE Chemistry tutors are experts in their fields, so they can assess where you are, sew up any holes in your knowledge and answer any and all of the questions that you might have. 

They are also past masters at taking and passing exams, so they can pass on lots of hints and tips as to the best way to guarantee the best grade possible.

Past papers are widely available, and your tutor can provide you with the kind of feedback and guidance that there simply isn’t time for your school teacher to give to all his or her students.

Student working out a chemical equation

Our A Level Chemistry tutors are sixth form superheroes

Chemistry is a fascinating subject – but teachers and students all agree that it is one of the toughest A level choices you can make.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a doctor and are aiming to study Medicine at university. If so, you don’t need us to tell you that universities won’t just want you to have passed A Level Chemistry – most will have wanted you to have done so with flying colours.

Maybe Medicine is not your thing, or you don’t know what you want to do with your A Levels yet – all you know is that you want to pass them.

The reason we call our Online A Level Chemistry tutors “Sixth form superheroes” is that they can super-charge your learning, making sure that whatever you’re capable of, you achieve it.

That might be an A*. It might be a C. It might be a D or an E. But every A level pass is a valuable one and whatever you need help with – pushing your C up to an A, your B up to an A* or your struggling-to-pass up to a D – we will help you get there.

There’s no area of A Level Chemistry that our tutors don’t know like the backs of their hands – from Optical Isomerism and Chemical Equilibria to Transition Metals and How ions react in aqueous solutions – and they’re here to help.

Tips to help you get through GCSE and A Level Chemistry

Chemistry GCSE and Chemistry A Level are, by common consent, two of the toughest subjects around.

But just like all GCSEs and A Levels, there are helpful tips which can help all students make their lives that little bit easier and help them through the exam.

Here are just a small selection.

  1. Make regular lists. When working with an online Chemistry tutor, make a note of anything that you’re not clear on as soon as you come across it. That way you won’t forget to ask your tutor the next time you meet. 
  2. Remember that there are no stupid questions. Every question is valid and our online Chemistry tutors will provide you with all the answers that you need.
  3. Make notes. Then make more notes. Making revision notes on cards or pieces of paper that you can file away for future reference is a tried and tested way of making sure the information you need doesn’t just go into your head, but stays there. And they’re great for last-minute revision.
  4. Plan your revision. Whether it’s GCSE Chemistry or A Level Chemistry on the horizon, don’t limit your timetable to blocks which read “Chemistry”. Divide your topic areas up and decide which areas you’re going to study on which days.
  5. Study past papers. Taking past papers in GCSE Chemistry or A Level Chemistry can help you identify which areas you need the most help with – valuable information to you and your online tutor.

GCSE Student working with an online tutor

Find the perfect online Chemistry tutor with Tutorspot

Booking an online A-Level Chemistry tutor, or GCSE Chemistry tutor, couldn’t be easier with Tutorspot. 

We have a huge range of GCSE Chemistry and A level tutors – you’ll find our A level tutors here and our GCSE tutors here.

If you want to look for online tutors for other subjects or other levels, that’s fine too – just click here to go to our home page where you can select your subject and level and start your search.

If you’d like any more advice or assistance, we’re here to help – don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01509 265623 or email us at

Need a hand with your search?

We can help you find the perfect tutor. Give us a call!

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