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Where Can A-Level Chemistry Take You & Your Career?

18 November 2020 Interesting Information

In this article, our latest in our A-Level Science series, we take a look at where A-Level Chemistry could take you in your career and the degrees and jobs associated with the qualification. As with A-Level Physics and A-Level Biology courses, there are so many possible avenues you could pursue at University or as a future career in the industry, the world is your oyster! For some students, A-Level Chemistry may be a back-up course choice alongside A-Level Maths if there is a particular career or job opportunity which requires the qualification.

See how our online A-Level Chemistry tutors can help develop your knowledge and understanding of the course so you can achieve the grades you need to excel in your University degree or chosen career path.

Why Take A-Level Chemistry?

Three scientists in laboratory

A-Level Chemistry is a brilliant course to take if you’re wanting to develop a career in Science, or indeed, study it at Degree level. A-Level Chemistry can be studied alongside A-Level Physics and A-Level Further Maths, especially if you have a keen interest in a career in engineering, scientific research and forensic sciences.

Furthermore, and as you may have discovered in our article – ‘Why Hire A Science Tutor?’, learning Science, both at GCSE and higher levels, can really help to improve not just your knowledge of the syllabus, but also your analytical, communication and research skills which can all be transferred to everyday life situations. If you would like to seek more information or even to develop your knowledge of these skills and put them into practice, Tutorspot has the resources in the way of leading online A-Level Chemistry tutors. With a wide variety of different backgrounds in Science, if you choose to study A-Level Chemistry then help is at hand to make sure you get the most out of your studies.

A-Level Chemistry can be such a rewarding choice of qualification and can benefit your understanding of the other subjects you wish to study. Read on to discover just some of the many career options available when you choose to study Chemistry A-Level.

Careers associated with A-Level Chemistry

Engineering students in lab

If you choose to study Chemistry or an associated Science at Degree level, it will open up several doors and career prospects for you. You may already have your ultimate career goal in mind, but if not, there’s no need to worry! We’ve listed just some of the many jobs you may want to look into further at this stage of your educational journey – especially if you’re choosing your GCSE Science options or your A-Level subjects. Of course, you may want to consider asking your private online A-Level Chemistry tutor who may have some resources or information on potential career paths for you to take away with you and have a think about.


Pill box

Pharmacology is a highly interesting field of work; investigating how drugs affect the body and interact with other medicines. The main body of work will be to research into the effectiveness of new and current drugs, the causes of addiction to certain drugs, discovering new medicines, plus much more. This area of expertise can be shared with job roles such as pharmacists, as well as specialisms such as veterinary pharmacology and cardiovascular pharmacology.


computer panel

According to, “Nanotechnologists manipulate matter on the nanoscale (one billionth of a metre), developing new materials and equipment as well as drugs and diagnostic tools.” This is a brilliant career option for students and individuals who would love to combine Science with technology in their future job. What’s more, if you’re studying A-Level Physics and/or A-Level Biology alongside your A-Level Chemistry course, then you’re in luck, as Nanotechnology takes into consideration all types of Sciences within the type of work you will be expected to complete.


Lab assistant looking at sample

Toxicology will interest students who would like to explore how substances, chemicals and natural materials can have an impact on human health and the environment. Toxicologists will participate in laboratory tests and ‘field work’ to conclude possible risks that are associated with certain chemicals, how to avoid injury when using certain chemicals and managing accidental exposure. This industry can also work alongside forensic sciences and pathology when investigating cause of death, as well as pharmaceutical, clinical and occupational work.

Environmental Consultancy

lake at sunset

Environment consultants provide professional and detailed assessments for commercial and government projects, whether that be seeking opportunities for renewable energy within a new development or waste management and recycling strategies. Normally, environmental consultants work for an agency who are employed by commercial businesses and local or national authorities to make sure their client is aware of the environmental regulations that they need to adhere to when commencing their work.

Responsibilities include: researching and collecting data about pollution or contamination levels in a certain area and writing reports based on your findings, as well as how new developments may benefit from renewable energy sources that may have an impact on the environment during construction.

Chemistry Teacher

three lab assistant looking at sample

What’s better than sharing your knowledge of Chemistry with a younger generation and becoming a dedicated Science teacher? There are so many perks to becoming a teacher and it can open up a world of different job opportunities further down the line, especially, for example, if you start as a GCSE Chemistry teacher and want to progress into higher education, or achieve a PHD and become a professor in Chemistry.

Take a look at one of our articles where we interviewed two of our hand-picked Chemistry tutors and to read about where Chemistry has taken them in their careers. With many of the careers we have listed and recommended in this article, no day is ever the same and this can definitely be said when considering a career in teaching Chemistry at every level of education.

Achieve Your Dream Career With An A-Level Chemistry Tutor

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Of course, there are many more job roles that you may find of interest to you in association with your Chemistry A-Level course, so make sure you take the time to research and develop an understanding for the many sectors and industries out there.

Remember, nothing can stop you from achieving your dream career and with the help of our online Chemistry tutors, you will have every tool and resource you need up to your sleeve to ace your exams in preparation for the next step! It couldn’t be simpler to seek the help and guidance you require with Tutorspot – use our subject search filter and select Chemistry and A-Level and a list of our handpicked and highly-qualified Chemistry tutors will appear. You can decide the tutor(s) you would like to message via our direct messaging platform to book your first tutoring session and away you go – all payments will be taken automatically after your sessions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Chemistry tutor services or would like further information about Tutorspot. We are here to help you succeed in your studies!

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