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New Remote Learning Support For Education Sector

22 November 2020 Interesting Information

We recently covered the importance of technology in education which seems apt for the latest announcement from the Department of Education (DoE) announcement, made at the start of October. An additional 100,000 devices will be supplied to pupils and students to give them the best possible chance of continuing their learning from home if they have to self isolate. Furthermore, the DoE will be “expanding the EdTech Demonstrator programme to ensure schools and teachers are able to make best use of technology available to them to enhance the at-home learning given to their pupils.”

So, how will the new developments help pupils stay on track with their studies during this uncertain time? Read on to find out what the government is doing to boost the confidence of students and why parents are turning to private tutors to instill confidence and motivation back into their child’s studies.

How The Government Are Helping Students & Teachers

Alongside the additional 100,000 laptops, the Government also published a Temporary Continuity Direction on the 22nd October 2020, in relation to the provision of remote education in schools. The Direction is ruled under the Coronavirus Act 2020 and it means that schools now have a duty to ensure education is delivered to children who are at home, like they would if they were in a classroom environment. This is an important step forward, as many children were without the proper support and guidance from their teachers and schools in the first stages of lockdown.

On-top of the extra 100,000 laptops, there is a reserve of a further 150,000 that have been made available and 220,000 that have already been delivered to pupils most in need across the country. These extra devices will be given primarily to disadvantaged pupils in the school years 3-11 who don’t have access to the technology already, those in all year groups who are extremely vulnerable and unable to return to school, and children in all years unable to access a laptop or device whilst attending school in hospital.

As mentioned earlier, parents as well as students were turning to online tutoring to seek help from GCSE tutors and A-Level tutors to cover the lack of learning at the start and middle of the year. Although millions of pupils have now returned to full-time education in the UK, those who sought extra help in the form of an online tutor have continued with their sessions to prepare them for their Autumn mock exams and Summer 2021 exams.

A Boost For Student Motivation & Willingness To Succeed

It seems as though the Government and DoE are taking steps to improve the lack of assistance for students in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and it will certainly boost student motivation and their willingness to succeed, certainly at GCSE & A-Level. We recently touched upon this in a recent article ‘how influential will the Autumn 2020 mock exams be’. With the Temporary Continuity Direction in place also, we can expect pupils and students to return to some sort of normality like that pre-covid lockdown, which may ease any anxieties surrounding resits, mocks exams and Summer 2021 exams.

The importance of technology, not only for children in lockdown but also for those in rural areas, is immeasurable and gives them access to not only ongoing learning resources, but a chance to keep developing relationships with their peers – a big factor in their mental well-being, especially pupils in the early stages of learning.

Access To Quality Online Tutoring

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Technology such as tablets and laptops can give students access to top-quality resources when studying for individual subjects and exams, whether they are self isolating or if they live in a remote area. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, pupils, parents and students have sought support from online GCSE Maths tutors, online GCSE Science tutors and online A-Level Science tutors during the pandemic, taking a lot of stress away from ongoing learning through an uncertain period. It’s this help and guidance that can be the difference between the reluctance to learn and excelling towards success in their chosen subjects.

Where students may have restricted access to one-to-one support from their school teacher, online tutoring sessions ensure individual students can get the attention and support they need without being interrupted or short-changed. It’s this level of commitment that makes online tutoring such a valuable resource when it comes down to preparing children for higher education. With the help from the Government and additional technology available, we hope more pupils, parents and students are able to research into the benefits of an online tutor and can see for themselves how a small investment can transform a child’s future.

As for this, Tutorspot is passionate about providing top-quality tutoring for students of all ages and abilities. With a vast list of expert tutors who teach, lecture and practice in a wide range of industries and subjects, every student has access to some of the best tutors in the UK. Although it may not be a safe solution now with many locations following varying Government guidelines, there are a variety of tutors in London, tutors in Cardiff and tutors in more locations who would be willing to educate, inform and help students in-person when and if it is safe to do so.

Come On Board With Our Online Tutors at Tutorspot

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With many more announcements set to be made from the Government in the next few weeks and months in regards to the education sector, especially the 2021 exam schedule, now is the most important time to invest in your education. Learning should be a continuous process and not stop and start as and when and our tutors can help keep the studying and revision flowing smoothly until there is further clarity.

Our dedicated tutors are waiting to hear from you and to accommodate their sessions to your learning needs. Whether you’re new to online tutoring or have had sessions with tutors before, you will be amazed at the fantastic range of tutors available to you from Tutorspot. We have made it even easier to search and find your perfect tutor online, with access to a direct messaging system so you can communicate with your chosen tutor if and when needed. That said, we can also help to recommend tutors to individual students and match them to each students’ requirements, by requesting a tutor. All of our tutors are carefully selected to cater for all learning requirements and the Tutorspot team speak with every tutor before adding them to our extensive list.

Make the transition from home to school a little easier with bespoke tutoring sessions with our Tutorspot tutors. Contact us today for more information about our tutors and the services we provide to hundreds of students UK wide and find your perfect online tutor with us.

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